July Open studios

The 2021 Cambridge Open Studios will take place over the first four weekends of July (3rd-4th, 10th-11th, 17th-18th and 24th-25th). Studios will normally be open between 11am and 6pm on both Saturday and Sunday. Each artist can take part for one, two, three or all four weekends. Numbers in blue refer to the studio numbers used in the Open Studios e-Guide which will be available to download from early June. PLEASE NOTE: Artists may ask visitors to make an appointment before visiting their studio. Others may choose to show their work in their windows only, with no visitors allowed inside. In both cases this information will be indicated on their entry.

  • 59
    Penny Frith
    Working Studio
    Atmospheric seascape & skyscape oil paintings
    My focus is to capture the light and open space of empty landscapes.
    7 Rustat Road
    CB1 3QR
    Tel: 07954 313822
  • 128
    Fen Three (formerly Fen Five)
    Paintings in various mediums
    Barbara Harlow (atmospheric oils), Rosemary Scott (Iberian & E Anglian landscapes), Sue Spence (impressionist painting & mixed media). Parking on site.
    Bowls Club
    Nutholt Lane
    CB7 4PL
    Tel: 07392 073353
    East Cambs DC
  • 27
    Richard Allen
    Landscape Oil Paintings
    Landscapes in oils, many of Cambridgeshire. This year, I will be exhibiting at The Pitt Building in central Cambridge, rather than in my studio.
    The Pitt Building
    Trumpington Street
    CB2 1RP
    Tel: 01480 462336
  • 70
    Sally Roach
    Working Studio
    Basketmaker and fibre artist
    Sculptural pieces and functional baskets designed using techniques and materials that reflect my love of colour and the world around me.
    253 Hills Road
    CB2 8RP
    Tel: 07932 096752
  • 42
    Rebecca Dawson
    Handmade, silver, gold and semi-precious stone jewellery. Wedding rings. Bespoke commissions. Joint studio with mixed-media artist Stefanie Loizou.
    184 Cromwell Road
    CB1 3EQ
    Tel: 07773 123610
  • 75
    Betka Milligan
    Ceramic objects and sculptures
    New collection of ceramic objects and sculptures. Abstract organic forms inspired by the patterns and colours of nature and light.
    Garden Studio
    22 Marlow Road, Newnham
    CB3 9JW
    Tel: 07496 924306
  • 71
    Nicki Orton
    Working Studio
    Landscape oil paintings & drawings
    Please enjoy visiting my studio to look at some real paintings and escape the virtual world for a while!
    94 Alpha Terrace
    CB2 9HT
    Tel: 07958 130021
  • 142
    Clare Trowell
    Working Studio
    Printmaker working with Linoprints
    I am an artist & printmaker, working mostly with linocut prints. I will have some of my latest handprinted work, including greetings cards, for sale.
    41 High Street
    Hemingford Grey, nr Huntingdon
    PE28 9BJ
    Tel: 07903 596683
    Huntingdon DC
  • 165
    Gina Ferrari
    Working Studio
    acrylics, portraits and textiles
    Exhibition in garden of paintings and portraits, some with collage and machine stitch, creating original pictures. Abstract and representational work.
    17 Church Street
    Guilden Morden
    nr Royston
    SG8 0JD
    Tel: 01763 852971
    South Cambs DC
  • 132
    Claire McGinley
    Working Studio
    Pastel landscapes & stoneware pots
    See pastel landscapes and stoneware pots, cards, tea towels and little birds. Turn right at play park, then immediate left along Watsons Lane. Window display.
    Field House
    Watsons Lane
    Little Thetford, nr Ely
    CB6 3HE
    Tel: 01353 648794
    East Cambs DC
  • 185
    Alan Martin
    Working Studio
    Pastel drawing
    Much variety on offer – pastel art ~ realist portraits ~ landscapes ~ dance ~ sport. Weather permitting, there will be an exhibition of my art outside!
    3 Home End
    CB21 5BS
    Tel: 07812 167190
    South Cambs DC
  • 31
    Terry Chance
    glass art and jewellery
    Suncatchers, colourful jewellery and quirky characters made from glass and wire. (Window exhibition will substitute if Covid restrictions in place.)
    66 Glisson Road
    CB1 2HF
    Tel: 07871 097870
  • 166
    Yasmeen Farooqui
    Working Studio
    Complex digital collâges
    Book to see my digital collâges, watercolours, prints and cards on display in my working studio. Come and enjoy the newly designed front garden too!
    The Old Manse, 87 High Street
    Guilden Morden
    nr Royston
    SG8 0JS
    Tel: 07885 619153
    South Cambs DC
  • 113
    Katrina Wilkie
    Landscape paintings and drawings
    Landscape paintings and drawings of the Fens and beyond. Seats and refreshments available in the garden if the studio is busy so waiting is necessary.
    17 Main Street
    nr Ely
    CB7 4UN
    Tel: 07367 124247
    East Cambs DC
  • 138
    Terry Beard
    Working Studio
    painting and mixed media
    My work explores form, colour and texture, and is informed by the fenland landscape surrounding my studio.
    Old Chapel, Chapel Road
    Ramsey Heights
    PE26 2RS
    Tel: 01487 711478
    Huntingdon DC
  • 74
    Caroline Wilks
    acrylic paintings on canvas
    Vibrant acrylic paintings on canvas, inspired by both nature and the beauty of Cambridge. (See my work also at The Pitt Building, CB2 1RP, on w/e 2).
    1 The Copper Building
    Kingfisher Way
    CB2 8BL
    Tel: 07432 418268
  • 21
    Vanessa Saunders
    Working Studio
    Hand-made bags and accessories
    I invite you to discover and discuss my creations, all hand-made! These include tote bags, everyday bags and accessories, such as jewellery pouches.
    44 Bailey Mews
    Auckland Road
    CB5 8DR
  • 206
    Clare Crouchman
    Working Studio
    Mixed Media Paintings and Prints
    New mixed-media paintings. Contemplative work inspired by rhythmical, repetitive and geometric patterns.
    14 Shirley Road
    CB24 9JR
    Tel: 07788 538916
    South Cambs DC
  • 18
    Sara Rawlinson
    Nature and architecture photography
    Fine-art photographs and photobooks of Cambridge college libraries, King's College Chapel, boathouses, and botanical details.
    58 Beche Road
    CB5 8HU
    Tel: 07958 050229
  • 67
    Mirko Junkovic
    Working Studio
    Contemporary abstracts & drawings
    A range of new work on canvas and paper, inspired by elements of landscape and the figure, including an opportunity to browse through sketchbooks.
    96 Blinco Grove
    CB1 7TS
    Tel: 07751 120061
  • 93
    Paula Armstrong
    Tapestry and mixed media textiles
    Welcome! Come view my window display that will showcase images of my tapestry woven panels and supporting artwork such as drawings and colour studies.
    2 Park Lane
    Saffron Walden
    CB10 1DA
    Tel: 01799 501574
    Uttlesford DC
  • 183
    Kathryn M Holford
    Working Studio
    Painter – oils, landscapes, florals
    Welcome to my studio secreted in our semi-wild garden, showing abstracted oil paintings inspired by local landscape and flora, here and in France.
    Studio at Secret Cottage
    44 Streetly End
    West Wickham
    CB21 4RP
    Tel: 07710 324851
    South Cambs DC
  • 14
    Iain Smith
    Working Studio
    Kiln-fused glass
    I make fused glass objects exploring the interplay between light, colour and shape. I also design and build my own kilns.
    11 Lynfield Lane
    CB4 1DR
    Tel: 07932 688734
  • 121
    Carol & Bob Banks, Carol Vallis & Michcala Holmes
    Working Studio
    paintings, Jewellery Bags & Clothes
    Oil paintings, pastels, prints, silver jewellery, handcrafted bags from new/re-purposed fabrics, beautiful artisan clothes/gifts. Easy, free parking!
    37 Merlin Drive
    CB6 3EE
    Tel: 01353 611166
    East Cambs DC
  • 92
    Carmen Maria Renwick
    Mixed media paintings and collage
    Inspired by the structures of flora, hills & sea, I use motif & pattern, together with collage, to simplify forms. Also at The Pitt Building (#27), w/e 1 & 4.
    54 Carlyle Road
    CB4 3DH
    Tel: 01223 324954
  • 43
    Ninette Rubinstein
    Semi-abstract paintings & collages
    Semi-abstract/abstract paintings and small framed collages. Starting-points are seascapes and landscapes. Colourful, textured and expressive.
    St Barnabas Press
    9 Belfast Yard
    Coldham's Road
    CB1 3EW
    Tel: 07950 316835
  • 66
    Rikki Morgan-Tamosunas
    Working Studio
    painting and mixed-media/collage
    Expressive painting and mixed media exploring the mood and drama of backstreets, harbours, nature and the figure through colour, line and composition.
    90 Blinco Grove
    CB1 7TX
    Tel: 07712 764095
  • 207
    Sarah Vigliotti
    Working Studio
    printmaker and photographer
    Intricate lino-cuts and film photography exploring surface and texture in the urban and rural environment. Garden studio.
    13 Shirley Road
    CB24 9JR
    Tel: 07743 539469
    South Cambs DC
  • 208
    Emma Malfroy
    Working Studio
    paintings, collage and prints
    Collage, paintings and prints, using hand-painted papers, exploring pattern and colour. Images inspired by the natural world, narratives and places.
    11a Oakington Road
    CB24 8TW
    Tel: 07934 385416
    South Cambs DC
  • 61
    Linda Towning
    Abstract sculptures in alabaster
    Organic abstract pieces carved mainly in alabaster – playing with light, creating tactile sculptures!
    170 Cherry Hinton Road
    CB1 7AN
    Tel: 07867 508985
  • 32
    Mark Alvarez
    fine-art photography
    Atmospheric and evocative black-and-white images of the British coast and of Cambridge. Cards and limited-edition prints for sale.
    39 Norfolk Street
    CB1 2LD
    Tel: 07981 743094
  • 126
    Mary Cullen
    handcrafted silver & gold jewellery
    Individually hand-crafted jewellery in silver and gold, with precious and semi-precious stones.
    10 Prickwillow Road
    CB7 4QP
    Tel: 07808 965785
    East Cambs DC
  • 27
    Victoria Smith
    feltmaking, textiles, prints
    Trained as an architect, a maker at heart. Felted landscapes, glass vitrines with tissue-paper casts, prints & golden hats. Feltmaking demo 12.00 Sun.
    The Pitt Building
    Trumpington Street
    CB2 1RP
    Tel: 07510 704667
  • 158
    Hilary Gretton
    paintings in oils and acrylics
    Paintings in oils and acrylics, taking inspiration from the natural world. Bright colours, sometimes with boats – always with water – often imaginary.
    Rosemary and Lavender Cottage
    Caxton Road
    CB23 2SX
    Tel: 07757 689892
    South Cambs DC
  • 188
    George Hamilton
    Working Studio
    Expressionist Oil Painting
    My work favours landscapes, portraits and life drawings – mainly in oils, plus watercolours and pastels.
    52 Station Road
    CB21 5ES
    Tel: 07740 462412
    South Cambs DC
  • 35
    Nathan Huxtable
    Working Studio
    Interested in the space between
    Paintings, usually acrylic, often inspired by fleeting glimpses, remembered or photographed. Abstract or filmic; layered to reveal moments and place.
    8 Gwydir Street
    CB1 2LL
    Tel: 07468 416276