July Open studios

It is with great regret that we have had to cancel the 2020 July Open Studios due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, many of our members are instead taking part in 'Cambridge Open Windows 2020', displaying their work in windows and front gardens. Find out more here: https://www.camopenstudios.co.uk/open-windows

  • 231
    Penny Halasovski
    Working Studio
    silver and enamelled jewellery
    Silver jewellery, much of which is enamelled, often inspired by nature. Sometimes whimsical, sometimes reflective, but always beautiful.
    124 Boxworth End
    CB24 4RA
    Tel: 01954 232634
  • 105
    Andy English
    Working Studio
    hand-engraver of woodblock prints
    Professional printmaker of wood engravings for exhibition, illustration and bookplates. Prints for sale. Demos of engraving and Victorian presses.
    92 Cannon Street
    Little Downham
    CB6 2SS
    Tel: 01353 699657
  • 156
    Brenda W Field
    Working Studio
    seascapes, landscapes and more
    Seascapes, landscapes and more in various media, mostly in a semi-abstracted style. Cards and refreshments available.
    3 The Chantry
    CB21 5EJ
    Tel: 07868 252780
  • 81
    George Meliniotis & Lucy Winter
    chinese brush, oil & acrylic
    Variety and distinction. Chinese brush and light-fast artworks in coloured pencils by Lucy. Traditional and contemporary oils and acrylics by George.
    33 Newton Road
    CB2 8AL
    Tel: 01763 261154
  • 199
    Chihiro Kinjo and Kate Aldridge
    acrylic paintings and ceramics
    Mix-media paintings by Chihiro Kinjo and ceramics by Kate Aldridge.
    Coton Village Hall
    56 High Street
    CB23 7PL
    Tel: 07533306856
  • 231
    Peter Halasovski
    Working Studio
    cast and fused glass
    Glass worked using a variety of techniques – stained, fused, slumped and cast. My pieces come to life in the light.
    124 Boxworth End
    CB24 4RA
    Tel: 07921 706942
  • 94
    Susan Mealing
    Working Studio
    contemporary printmaker/painter
    Contemporary printmaker/painter. Abstracted work on paper, plaster, glass and textiles. Greeting cards and small prints available.
    Cambridge Artworks
    5 Green's Road
    CB4 3EF
    Tel: 07944 716564
  • 135
    Allison Ksiazkiewicz
    Working Studio
    ceramics, printmaking and drawing
    Artist working with scientists to make ceramics akin to those of the ancient Greeks and that explore mythology stories of twelve different dog breeds.
    10 Newmarket Road
    CB25 0AE
    Tel: 07942 458461
  • 193
    Jonathan Deer
    designer jewellery
    Designer jewellery with a contemporary twist – geometric and natural forms in gold and silver, with precious gemstones/opals.
    Artists Marquee, Burwash Manor
    New Road
    CB23 7EY
    Tel: 07718 597855
  • 170
    Debbie Burton
    Fused Glass Wall Art & Jewellery
    Inspired by the wonderful light-catching effects of glass, I create fused-glass wall art and free-standing pieces. I also have a range of jewellery.
    16 North Road
    CB22 4NZ
    Tel: 07766 550663
  • 62
    Katharina Klug
    Working Studio
    contemporary studio ceramic
    Vessels, wheel-thrown from porcelain clay – all about patterns, contrasts and shape.
    550 Coldhams Lane
    Cherry Hinton
    CB1 3JL
    Tel: 07765 245758
  • 243
    Kieron Dunk
    Working Studio
    painting in oils
    Painting in oils, landscapes, still life and, more recently, portraits.
    The Limes
    The Green
    PE28 9NA
    Tel: 07715 923922
  • 123
    Andree Bowmer and Keith Donovan
    Working Studio
    Form &Texture in Glass & Painting
    After last year’s success in Ely, Andree & Keith are exploring contemporary form & texture using kiln-formed glass, beadwork and innovative painting.
    39a Waterside
    CB7 4AU
    Tel: 01353 968416
  • 51
    Rebecca Dawson
    Handmade jewellery.
    Jewellery, handmade in silver and gold with gemstones. Inspired by nature, colour, architecture and the materials. Commissions and wedding rings.
    184 Cromwell Road
    CB1 3EQ
    Tel: 07773 123610
  • 87
    Hands On
    stone carvers and oil painter
    Mara Fox, Kate Norden, Ray Palmer, Sue Pearl and Martin Thompson. Sculptors – hand tools, various stones/subjects. Oil painter. Studio/garden setting.
    1A Gough Way
    CB3 9LN
    Tel: 07790 678955
  • 26
    Sara Rawlinson
    photography, historic, fine-art, botanic, travel
    Fine-art photos of historic buildings (libraries, King's Chapel, Cambridge colleges), botanicals, landscapes, travel, books. Exhibit & working studio.
    58 Beche Road
    CB5 8HU
    Tel: 07958 050229
  • 221
    Iona Howard
    Working Studio
    fine-art printmaking
    Prints using figuration and abstraction to portray the landscape. Recent works of the Fens focus on the meeting-point of land, horizon and sky.
    Oasland's House, 4 Broad Lane
    CB24 8AJ
  • 69
    John Parry
    Working Studio
    reclaimed, refurbished antique glass
    Light up your home with new designs using Victorian and antique glass! I recycle rare colours and textures, and undertake commissions and repairs.
    77 Hartington Grove
    CB1 7UB
    Tel: 01223 514466
  • 49
    Paula Holt
    Working Studio
    painting canvas and murals
    I paint magic and colours – on canvas, walls, ceilings… Come and see what I see through my eyes – bring magic back to the world! Commissions taken.
    15 Wetenhall Road
    CB1 3AG
    Tel: 07817 970684
  • 108
    Riverside Arts
    Working Studio
    furniture, painting, printing, ceramics, textiles
    New 2D/3D work – Rick Forward, Caroline Forward, Gordon Chesterman, Ditty Dokter, Jane Frost, Barbara McGirr, Ken Murray, Anna Osborne, Jeremy Peake.
    New from Old Furniture Workshop
    White House Road
    Little Ouse
    CB7 4TG
    Tel: 07745 230349
  • 27
    Alison Davies
    Working Studio
    oil painting, collage and sculpture
    My paintings, mainly abstract, reflect my interest in shape, colour and over-painting. My sculptures are in stone, some featuring bronze decoration.
    27 Priory Road
    CB5 8HT
    Tel: 07538 769737
  • 151
    Sonia Villiers
    iconic local paintings
    Lively acrylic, watercolour, oil & collage works of Cambridge & Saffron Walden. Cards, prints, scarves. Good parking. Also w/e 3: Linton Village Hall.
    Moules Lane
    Hadstock, Cambridge
    CB21 4PD
    Tel: 07890 509160
  • 138
    Annie Neild
    Working Studio
    Wet felting with hand embroidery
    APOLOGIES - STUDIO CANCELLED - Experimental wet felting, embroidered by hand. Three-dimensional organic forms.
    36 Lower End
    Swaffham Prior
    CB25 0HT
    Tel: 07783 645573
  • 97
    David Graham
    illustrative mark-making – abstraction.
    Mark-making in both drawing and printmaking. Small-scale works that are illustrative yet also extend into the semi-abstract.
    138 Gilbert Road
    CB4 3PB
    Tel: 07813 218999
  • 230
    Jeremy Newsum
    Working Studio
    oil painting, mainly landscapes
    See my garden studio, with work on the easel and exhibition of recent works for sale – paintings of places near and far.
    59 Station Road
    CB24 4QJ
    Tel: 01954 232084
  • 228
    Helen Foster
    Experimental abstract paintings and drawings
    Abstract and impressionistic works using acrylic, inks and pastel. Inspired by the natural world, I make colourful contemporary art rooted in science.
    60 Church Street
    CB24 5HT
  • 252
    Valerie Emmons
    drawings and stitched textiles
    Pen-and-ink drawings; encaustic images; textiles, including quilting, felting and embroidery.
    Belmont House
    13 East Park Street
    PE16 6LQ
    Tel: 01354 695696
  • 101
    Eric Marland
    Working Studio
    lettering in stone, wood, glass
    Beautiful lettering for buildings, memorials or gifts. Carved quotes for the home or garden. Studio is a chapel surrounded by many interesting graves.
    The Chapel
    10 All Souls Lane
    CB3 0EA
    Tel: 07790 836153
  • 13
    Cathy Parker
    Working Studio
    paintings of trees and landscapes
    Trees and landscapes, painted outdoors in response to the subject or semi-abstracted in the studio, in various media. Sketchbooks. Interesting garden!
    17 Belvoir Road
    CB4 1JH
    Tel: 01223 354474
  • 53
    Leigh Watson
    Working Studio
    painter, life artist, photographer
    I have recently started a series of paintings of trees, primarily from myth and legend. The plan is also to use alternative media in the project.
    St Barnabas Press, 9/10 Belfast Yard
    Coldham's Road
    CB1 3EW
    Tel: 07810 411599
  • 239
    Lou Mills and Clare Millen
    contemporary and unique painting and printing
    Large abstract canvases focusing on colour and line. Botanical and floral prints with greetings cards and stationary. Set in a Quaker house.
    Gateway House
    Chapel Lane
    St Ives
    PE27 5BA
    Tel: 07977 747138
  • 23
    Sarah Dobson
    contemporary silver jewellery
    Playful figurative jewellery, inspired by reading and roaming. Traditional techniques conjuring fairy tales in silver, with an occasional sparkle.
    The Woodyard
    38 Cheddars Lane
    CB5 8LD
    Tel: 07814 428726
  • 173
    Catherine Tregaskes
    Working Studio
    willow basketry
    Willow bike-baskets, shoppers and log-baskets; small garden sculptures. View work in my garden and covered outdoor workspace. Parking – use Mill Lane.
    5 Crampton Terrace
    CB22 3JD
    Tel: 01223 830272
  • 140
    David George
    watercolour and oils
    Atmospheric and expressive watercolours and oils.
    34 Mill Hill
    Swaffham Prior
    CB25 0JZ
    Tel: 07848 182827
  • 143
    Jeremy Nicholls
    decorative woodwork
    Jewellery boxes, mirrors and small tables in hardwoods, with original decorative paintings on metal leaf. Some separate paintings on panels.
    The Old Courthouse
    123 High Street
    CB25 9BA
    Tel: 01799 599834
  • 130
    Annie Brown
    Working Studio
    mixed media, needle-felted paintings
    Landscapes and vibrant semi-abstract needle-felted paintings made with the hand-dyed wool from my rare-breed sheep. On B1102 next to railway crossing.
    75 Station Road
    CB7 5LP
    Tel: 07515 525787