Cambridge Open Studios expects the July Open Studios to run normally in 2021. However, we have introduced two additional options for members, in response to the uncertatinty arising from the Covid 19 pandemic.

The new options are:

  • Asking visitors to make an appointment before visiting
  • Displaying work in windows with no visitors allowed inside

If members choose one of these options it will be displayed on their entry on the Open Studios pages of the website, in the guide and on the COS app. If this is not displayed visitors can assume that the member will be open to visitors in the normal way.

Cambridge Open Studios takes place each year over the first four weekends in July. Studios are open on both Saturdays and Sundays between 11am and 6pm. Some members are open for all four weekends, others for only some of them. Details of artists taking part will be available on the Open Studios pages of our website and on the free COS App.

To participate in Open Studios you must be a member of COS. An additional fee is charged to participate in the July Open Studios. 

The Management Team is planning to hold the 2021 July Open Studios event as usual. However, we cannot guarantee this as any COVID restrictions in force at the time will not be in COS control. In recognition of the current uncertainty we have introduced two additional options for members taking part. Members can choose to ask the public to make an appointment before visiting their studio. They can also choose to display their work in windows only, with no visitors allowed inside. Members who do not select either of these options will be expected to take part as normal.

To reduce both the financial exposure and the possible risks of handling paper copies we have decided not to produce our normal printed guides. Instead Open Studios will be promoted by the already proven ‘COS App’ as well as on the website and via social media. An electronic version of the guide will be produced as a downloadable PDF.

This will bring the following benefits:

  • fee for participating in Open Studios in 2021 will be reduced to £70 (normal fee £140)
  • reduced financial exposure – if we were to print but then get locked down, the high print costs would be lost
  • reduced health risks associated with the handling of the paper guides.

Applications to participate in Open Studios 2021 are taken via this website. The deadline for members to sign up is 14 March. For further information please email the Membership Secretary ().

Sharing a guide entry: Two or more members can share the participation fee if they wish. This means they will have a shared entry in the guide and on the website. To do this just one member should make the payment and upload content. At the bottom of the participation content form click on 'Shared entry'. This will open up a list of members' names. Select the names of other members sharing the entry and click on the green plus sign to add them to the participation list (they need to have paid/renewed their membership fee to appear in the list). If you want your own, individual entry in the guide please ignore this section.

To take part in the July Open Studios you must be a current member of Cambridge Open Studios (COS) and have paid your participation fee. 

By purchasing participation you agree that:

  • Your first priority is to give the public the opportunity to talk with you about the techniques you use and the passions that inspire you
  • You commit to personally manning your studio between 11am and 6pm on both Saturday and Sunday of the weekend(s) you select
  • Members sharing an entry in the guide must exhibit at the same location and must ensure that at least half the exhibiting artists are present at any time
  • Only the work of COS members who have paid to participate can be on display
  • No entry charge will be made to visitors 

Further information

  • You can participate as an individual or share your entry (and fee) with one or more other Cambridge Open Studios members
  • For a shared entry, one person pays the participation fee and is responsible for uploading content for your entry 
  • You can open for one, two, three or four weekends in July. 
  • We strongly recommend that you arrange public liability insurance if this is not already included in your home insurance policy. Ask other members who have participated before if you would like further advice on this matter.