4 Paintings in the Byard Art '20 x 20' exhibition

May to June 2020

I was invited by Byard Art to exhibit in their show during the Spring. The exhbition title was 20 x 20 and each painting must be 20 inches x 20 inches to celebrate the year 2020. I had never painted a square work so I jumped at the chance. With the deadline looming I did not have time to make these images in oils because of the long drying time but fortunately I had spent a while researching acrylics to find a make that would suit my very detailed work which meant the paint had to stay workable for at least a day.

With no subject matter I decide to do 2 Cambridge paintings and 2 tree paintings.
cambridge botanical gardens glass houses patchwork garden night sky shining moon acrylic painting

My first was a subject I had thought about for a long time; the Botanical Gardens. I wanted to paint the glass houses as I love the symmetry and I had sat and sketched them many times. I wanted the night sky and the moon but what about the grass? I decided to make it a patchwork. I was rather pleased with the way it turned out.


The second one was Milton's Mulberry Tree, one of the great trees of Cambridge. It is in the Fellows' Graden at Christ's College in Cambridge. It was planted in 1605 but blown over in a gale about a hundred years later when they added wooden posts to help keep it upright. One of my favourite Cambridge trees. It was named after John Milton who studied at the college.milton mulberry tree cambridge university fellows garden christs college



The third one was pure fantasy. A lady standing at the top of a hill next to a magical tree with a lantern in her hand 'The Lady of the Light'.Lady of the light medieval magical lady oil painting art story




The final one was an idea I had had for a long time, which was making an Autumn painting of a tree at Wimpole Hall that was just shedding its multocoloured leaves. I lovedpainting those leaves.autumn falling leaves seat wimpole hall acrylic painting