'Alignment' - Solo Exhibition at Arundel Contemporary

Clare Crouchman 24th June - 18th July

We are pleased to present 'Alignment', the first solo exhibition of works at Arundel Contemporary by Cambridge-based artist Clare Crouchman.

"My creative practice involves putting forms and lines into an order. There is no right or wrong, but a
point is reached when things are in the correct order, and I feel it intuitively. Everything is in a
constant state of flux, but just for that split second, things are right and feel aligned.
In this new collection of work, lines and repetitive patterns form the structure for floating ethereal
shapes. I have included iridescent particles and phosphorescent pigments mixed into the paint as
well as resins, which create a contrast of surface texture. The formations visually embody this sense
of alignment. The aligned form then takes on its own life and becomes an energetic entity in its own
right. My paintings are meditative and contemplative objects that I hope will help create this sense of
alignment in the viewer”.

Clare Crouchman