Emmanuel College Story of Art

COS artists interested in exhibiting at Emmanuel College during May Week? Click on this heading to read more.

We have been contacted by the  joint Head of Aesthetics for this year's Emmanuel College May Ball to ask if anyone might be interested in getting involved with their event. Their theme this year is 'The Exhibition: A Story of Art', (link:).

They are keen to display work by local artists at the Ball. There is one room in particular where they are hoping to create a gallery space — They wish to connect the Ball to Cambridge's incredibly creative arts community, and showcase works that those attending the event might not otherwise be exposed to. It is quite a considerable space, room for a number of artists and works — to a certain degree, the size of the gallery space would be dictated by the number of artists who would like to get involved. 

The COS Management Team is unable to take on organisng this event but if anyone 'out there' is keen to get involved please contact Alice Attlee:    or phone   



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