Pothole Trolls partying at Hall End

Pothole trolls partying at Hall EndThis was the first picture I took when becoming aware of the unusual occurrences at Hall End. When we moved to Milton, it seemed like any other mundane village on the outskirts of Cambridge. How wrong I was.

I have been taking pictures of the close where I live (and exhibit during the July Cambride Open Studios). This was the first, taken back in 2015. A group of pothole troll families had colonised our numerous potholes. As they lit their campfires at night, you could see them pottered to and fro by the tracks of their little red lamps.

Sadly, they came to the notice of the local council and they had to emigrate to the nearby A10 when the potholes in our street were filled in.

Ths year you can see more pictures of unusual occurrences at Hall End, as well as some of my usual microscopy images.

Jane and I are exhibiting during the 2nd and 3rd July weekends.