Royal Scottish Academy 194th Annual Exhibition 2020

Delighted to have two works selected for the RSA annual exhibition 2020. Exhibition Dates: 10 April 2020 - 10 May 2020 The Annual Exhibition is the core of the RSA’s exhibition programme, and represents the Academy’s commitment to promoting excellence in visual art in Scotland. In light of the current extraordinary circumstances, the RSA team has been working hard to ensure that the exhibition goes ahead in a new, entirely digital format

Stellata 2. Allison Conlon. Royal Scottish Academy 194th Annual ExRSA ANNUAL EXHIBITION 2020

The 194th RSA Annual Exhibition

The exhibition is available to view entirely online, with accompanying detailed commentary from exhibiting artists. The RSA Annual Exhibition is the most extensive exhibition of contemporary art and architecture in Scotland. Having been a mainstay of the academy’s calendar since its inception 193 years ago, the Annual Exhibition has evolved over the years, providing a platform for Scottish art alongside international artists, often including topical or political elements, to give an uncensored, independent voice to artists.

The majority of works are available to purchase online. The RSA is part of the Own Art scheme, allowing you to spread the costs over 10 monthly instalments.


Stellata 1 Allison Conlon. Royal Scottish Academy 194th Annual Ex