Time Exhibition 2017 (22nd & 23rd July) No. 168 in COS Catalogue

Exploring Time using Oil, ink and poetry - Mary Jane Montgomerie House

When my thoughts meditated on TIME a variety of things popped into my head. Such as Clocks, the World,  the Universe and Beyond.  This exhibition is not a comprehensive account of 'TIME ' but rather my perception of TIME, in a short TIME and what it means to me.

In addition to the exhibition I set myself a TIME challenge to produce a book, in a week, to accompany the exhibition.  The work is complete and is at the printers.  Please take a moment to delve into the proof copy on the lectern.  I have deliberately not adhered to the normal grammatical conventions but desired a more fluid, fast and creative writing style.  This writing method aligns to my previous 'Exploration of Life' Exhibition and it allows me greater freedom, however a consequence of this approach is vulnerability and an exposure of one’s raw thought processes.  Exploring time image of a possible distant constellation

I will be serving refreshments over the weekend and all donations go to Jimmy's Shelter.

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Mary Jane Montgomerie House
multi media using a selection of paints