Anne French
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Thoughtful figure in ink



        Man in blue

          Seated Woman

            Seated Man


                Woman in Orange

                  Man with orange background

                    Man with lilac background

                      Man with blue background

                        Tragic Heroine

                          Male figure in blue and purple ink

                            Standing woman in blue

                              Seated male figure in brown watercolour

                                Cross-legged man


                                    Mystery lady

                                      With his face to the light

                                        Sideways on

                                          Reclining in blue space

                                            Dark and light

                                              Blue Sky


                                                  Man with pole

                                                    Maybe I'll go for a swim


                                                        Seated female figure

                                                          Seated Man with pink background

                                                            Blue and Brown

                                                              Woman looking sideways

                                                                July Open Studios

                                                                watercolour, ink, acrylics and other paints, pastel, charcoal, ink and pencil
                                                                Anne loves experimenting with different media; her main passion at the moment is life drawing but she plans to branch out into other subjects.
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