Ho-Young Reynolds
oil paintings - still life, portraits and landscapes.


    I am primarily a still-life painter, although I also enjoy painting landscapes and portraits. For me it is exhilarating to see ordinary objects transformed into things of great beauty under certain lighting conditions and arrangements. Fixing this beauty, this quiet and mysterious beauty, onto the canvas is my ultimate goal.

    Apart from the aesthetic concerns of painting, my technical interest is simply in finding the best solution for each pictorial problem and manipulating the paint to express my intentions. Also as a realist painter, it is vitally important for me to be able to express the sense of three dimensional quality, including the weightyness of subjects and the air around them. For that reason, I put great emphasis on drawing as solid basis of my paintings.

    Art is universal and intemporal. Although I appreciate and enjoy some works of modern artists, I admire and take inspiration from old  masters such as Rembradt, Chardin and Turner.