Christine Lafon
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In my Father's House


afro woman

Standard Bearer No.4



July Open Studios

Cambridge Open Studios 2021
Cambridge Open Studios 2021
mixed media paintings, still life & portraits
Sensitive figurative, tonal portraits; semi-abstract still life; abstract paintings in bright or sombre tones.
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I’ve been free to become a serious artist only in the last 4 years, and continue to be on a steep learning curve.  Although I often experiment with different media, for portraits I’m increasingly working with soft pastel in tones of black and white; when not faced with an array of colours to choose from I feel liberated to focus on the uniqueness of features, shapes, and shadows.  Even when painting figurative portraits I try to incorporate an aspect or hint of abstract.  Sometimes I paint series of the same face or subject several times using different media, even mixed media, which always results in different effects. 

Regular exhibitions include Cambridge Open Studios, Cambridge Drawing Society, and MMContemporArt, an artist-led initiative.

Standard Bearer No.4