Maricruz Prieto
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I am a Spanish painter based in Cambridge. My work mainly talks about the identity of the women and our roles as lovers, mothers and workers.

    Through my work I am investigating about how our identity as women is directly affected by the sexuality, the love and relationships, a strong importance and concern of the physical aspect, the mass media, internet, the desired of individualization within a colective and the social preassure.

    To do it I started to portrait Eva in her Eden many years ago.  As we have been told Eva felt tempted by the snake. She wasn't able to resist it and made the first sin of the humanity. And here we are: the first woman was guilty and capricious and because of that we were expelled from Paradise. From that time the humans were punished to work to eat and the women to give birth with pain.
    In my work Eva shares space with the snake, the apples, the bread and currently, with the paradise itself.