Jelena Lukic
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'Girl' Mixed Media 54cm x 54cm framed

Shortlisted for the Holt Festival Art Prize 2015

Digitally reworked, acrylic on canvas.

I was drawn to an ancient small statue in the Sainsbury Centre. 

Curious of her identity I painted her against a contemporary wallpaper with birds balance either side of her head on a twig coming out her head. The wallpaper makes links to present day. The twig and birds represent a spiritual link with nature and communication with the girl from past to present.  


mixed media painter
Oil paints, acrylic, print, montage and digital technologies

    I work in many different ways with oil paints, acrylic, print, montage and digital technologies.

    Stories  carry on at different speeds and communicate differently depending on method and mood. I watch them grow and progress, not knowing where the majic of colour, paint images and ideas will lead me to.