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Arabella Hilfiker

Arabella Hilfiker uses drawing and printmaking to ask questions, and make observations concerning human relationships and communication.  Her work experiments with medium and text, visually documenting metaphysical processes that occur in everyday life such as opinions, situations, thoughts and recurrences. Her images are often naïve and messy intentionally contradicting the labor-intensive nature of printmaking and alluding to the her personal relationship with the subjects of her images.

Natalie Spencer

Natalie is a trained jewellery designer and maker, creating handmade items from her workbench in Cambridge. She has worked for jewellery studios in London, Kent and Cambridge, designing both fashion and fine jewellery. Recently she has begun working towards launching an online jewellery shop - Roxbridge - aspiring to produce fashion-forward jewellery with an eco-friendly ethos.


Anna Brown

Anna is an illustrator and designer, whose work tends to feature mostly rabbits, polar bears and assorted woodland creatures. She usually draws in pencil and colours in Photoshop, and occasionally experiments with printmaking.

Anastasia Maxinova

Anastasia looks into the relationship beween humans and their environment.   Also, she explores other planets, worlds and universes.  She paints with acrylic and experiments with mixed media.

Clare Hobbs

Clare Hobbs explores the idea of seeing and being seen. Her bold but intimate portraits invite the viewer to engage with the subject, whilst creating a narrative around the person. Her paintings appear realistic, however closer inspection reveals abstract contours and contrasting tones. Her work as an art psychotherapist, and the academic theory behind the practice, informs and influences her own art: looking at themes of 'holding' and 'mirroring' – understanding and being understood. These ideas are translated in her work in acrylic and batik - a wax resist technique which uses multiple layers of ink and wax.

Clare explores the process of creation. This can be seen in her 'un-sighted' drawings. In these the artist looks only at the subject, while the hand, blinkered from the eyes, translates seeing into mark making. Through this sacrifice of control, an unrefined statement of the act of looking is formed. The resulting interpretation is more an emotional response to the subject than a visual record, and invites the viewer to mirror the artist's way of looking. Working predominantly in pen, making instant and permanent lines, these works are notable for their rawness and honesty. This can be highlighted with the application of watercolour, which adds coherence to the subject, or left as an abstracted series of marks. Her subjects include the people around her, everyday objects and the natural world.


Jill Fordham

I design to the requests of clients for commissioned work and some of my work is traditional. But I also love to create my own quirky imaginative and adventurous designs in Stained Glass using a range of techniques. Many of my current designs are concerned with movement


Diana Probst

Diana is a fine artist and engineer, who works mainly in oils and watercolour, with some vector art for laser cutter output.

Jenny Kirner

Jenny Kirner's current interest is about ancient times and pre - enlightenment thinking by exploring astrology and the alchemy of colour.

This has involved learning how pigments were made from rocks and plants by the ancient egyptians and in the monastries during the middle ages.

As a result of this Jenny has focused on traditional  painting techniques and is showing work made with raw pigments using egg tempera to create the astrological star constellations.

Watercolours flower and portrait paintings are also on display, a bit more modern than egg tempera, but also requiring lots of technique.


Studio space on offer
Unit 13, a collective of artists based at Barnwell Business Park has studio space available for rent
Studio space on offer

An eclectic mix of paintings, drawings, illustrations, print making, textiles, jewellery, ceramics, stained glass, and upcycled bags produced by resident and local artists. Ruth Schmid, Anastasia Maxinova, Sally Page, Diana Probst, Isabelle Spain, Anna Brown , Arabella Hilfiker, Charlotte Garrard, Natalie Spencer, Candy Nathan, Clare Hobbs, Jill Fordham, Maricruz Prieto, Jo Aitkenhead.
Unit 13 Barnwell Business Park
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Unit 13 artists studios exhibiting mixed media the first 2 weekends in july

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