Tracey Ashman
artist - printmaker
My prints are inspired by my mother's legacy of teaching me to sew and knit. Stitch is a metaphor for growth and renewal; a healing of mind and body.

    I have practiced printmaking for a decade and have a passion for the process, which can be very exacting and challenging. Printmaking offers limitless creativity, in techniques that can be combined. My preferred printmaking processes are mono-prints, silkscreen and linocuts. 

    The inspiration for my prints come from my abiding love of textiles. My 'Anomaly, (Series I)' is an exploration of a traumatic childhood memory, in which stitch played an important healing process during open-heart surgery.  These prints use knitted stitch, referencing the beginning of a learned craft that has become a life long passion; stitch for me is a metaphor for growth and renewal. One stitch, leading onto many, was the starting point to a healing and mending of both mind and body. My following series 'Summons' continued the theme of healing using etched lino and stitched paper masques.

    Anomaly III, Print, Tracey Ashman, Cambridge  Anomaly I, Tracey Ashman, Print, Cambridge                                                                                     Summoning Hygiea, Print, Tracey Ashman, Cambridge