Angela Rudolph
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Angela Rudolph

I have always been a creative person. Since my retirement I first worked with clay and made sculptures. Now I mainly enjoy painting in oil and acrylics on canvas or gouache, pastel and ink on paper.

I paint what I like and see  or not see from my studio in an old magic garden in the countryside, surrounded by trees, birds, butterflies, frogs and squirrels, the sky, the sun, the moon and the smell of wood. On my travels I take photographs that help me recreate the collected impressions. I paint :

Landscapes, Stillife,Wildlife and Animals

Exhibitions: As member of Cambridge District Art Circle every year, last weekend in August in Grantchester(2013-2019) ; as member of Ely Art Lovers' Workshop in Ely Babylon Art Gallery(2014-2019), Cambridge Michaelhouse, Cambridge Newnham Community Hall(2016), and in Thornham (Hunstanton) for the Stroke Association 2016-2019). I have been taking part in Open Studios (and Open Windows) since 2018.

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July Open Studios

paintings, sculptures
Dreamlike paintings of landscapes, people birds frogs and sheep. Oil, acrylics and gouache. I let the colours work the magic. Cards and gifts.
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