Linda Duclaud-Williams
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Ceramic and Mixed Media Hand Bag Box

Sleeping dormouse

Animal From the Muppet Show

Wall Plaques

owl in a barnAll my wall plaques have either hanging points or rings.  

Garden Ornaments

Jazz Man

Circle Arts Foundation

Lock Down Effects


Another piece made with white clay.  Firstly I wanted to create something with wings, claws and hands.  Pure fantasy, partly human, partly dragon, partly bird. Thebe named after the fourth moon of Jupiter.Fantasy Creature


Firstly Rita decided to stay at home this summer.  However, I think she has been cheating, using a sun bed maybe?

Insperation - Under Milk Wood - Four Week Make

Made during the first Lock Down in 2020.  However it took me longder than 4 weeks.

Salt of the Earth series

Workers  – from the past. Firstly I wanted to capture the nature of manual labour in the face.  Secondly the mental health of the individual.



White Clay

I have experimented with some white clay and made three items.  Confidently this is my favourite .

July Open Studios

Cambridge Open Studios 2021
Cambridge Open Studios 2021
ceramics, hand built sculptures, bowls, platters and much more.
My  work is hand built using a variety of techniques from slab building to pinching and coil construction, each piece taking on its own unique form.
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My name is Linda Duclaud-Williams and I live on the edge of the Cambridge fens in a small village of thatched cottages and Dutch style buildings.  I’ve pursued many creative routes over the years. It wasn’t until 2013 that my love of clay really took hold.  In 2015 I had a studio built in the garden.  As a keen wild gardener and extensive traveller I take much of my inspiration from the natural world.  My art is in its early stages my work at the moment is a melting pot,  making a wide variety of items. 

Steadily more and more an emotional connection to nature and our planet’s shared environmental situation. The current individual and personal challenges caused by the pandemic have also let to a poignant expression in clay.  However, I also like to surprise and delight with the occasional humorous piece. 

I hand build using a variety of techniques from slab, to pinching and coil construction.  Above all I individually craft and paint by hand every item. As a result, they take time to produce. Therefore, each ceramic piece is unique. Dried slowly then fired in the kiln to bisque. Subsequently the glazes are applied. Lastly a final firing takes place in the kiln to fix the glazes.

It's at this point that anything might happen and I give up my precious items to the kiln gods. Consequently, they may have imperfections on the surface, slump a little, get stuck to the shelf or even crack.  I love the tactile experiences of building and sculpting each piece and the holding the completed art work.  The magical process of glazing a piece adds to the mystery of how each piece will look upon completion. I find the physicality of moulding clay and the unpredictability of glazing and firing so exciting.  It is this excitement that entices me back in to my studio time and time again.

For more information about me, or to request a commission please get in touch.