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Stained Glass Wall Art/Suncatchers

Glass Panels

Here are some photos of a pair of panels I was commissioned to make,  to provide privacy in a room that looked right onto the pavement...and also to be two fabulously colourful 'pictures' in their own right.

I am told that the light coming through the windows throws beautiful colours across the room.


July Open Studios

Cambridge Open Studios 2019
Cambridge Open Studios 2019
Stained Glass and Painting
I produce stained glass decorations, panels, 'Candle frames' etc, and also watercolour paintings, all inspired by our wonderful British Wildlife.
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I have always loved painting and making things, and have over the years tried my hand at many different crafts...such as pyrography, embroidery and toymaking to name but a few. I am self taught, tho I have had basic tuition in my two main loves....Sugarcraft and Stained Glass.

I achieved great success as a Sugarcrafter, both in making handmade sugar flowers, models and pictures, many to be used on wedding and celebration cakes I had made, but also special pieces made to exacting standards for Regional, National and International exhibitions, where I won many trophies and awards. I taught Sugarcraft and cake decorating in adult educational classes, both at local colleges, and also privately, and I used to travel around the UK demonstrating the art.. After a number of very happy years, and mainly due to pressures of full time running a business with my husband, I decided to stop the sugarcrafting and concentrate on our business.

Within our retail business I used to produce my own annual 'Village Views' calendars, plus cards and notelets, with my own watercolour paintings of buildings of particular interest from the village, which kept me busy doing my original love of painting.

Then, after a couple of years of 'itchy fingers' I wanted to do something different, and I had the oportunity to enrol on a basic evening course in Stained Glass, and loved it. I couldn't concentrate too much on this new found 'art-craft' while still running our business, but once we sold and moved on, I was then able to explore the art more. 

My Stained Glass work is inspired by my love of our beautiful British wildlife, flora and fauna, and our wonderful landscapes. I mainly work using the 'Copper foil' technique, but I also do 'leaded' work too. I have developed my work by adding painted details to the pieces, inspired by the old stained glass work found in churches and cathedrals, thus allowing me to keep my hand in with painting. .

The 'suncatchers' and 'panels' can be hung in windows, where the sun shines through the beautiful coloured glass, but they can also be hung on a wall as you would hang a framed picture, allowing the painted details to be seen and appreciated more. The 'Candle Frames' also have the painted technique too....and can be used purely as a decoration, or as the name implies, as candle holders. The lanterns also can have candles, or they can look very effective lit by led lights. My range at the moment feature British wild animals and birds, but eventually I hope to add in some exotic species too.

Now again, I have ventured from the painting on glass back to painting on paper, to compliment my glass work of the wildlife I have always loved, and I intend to explore more ways of combining the two.