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Rocky bank

Rocky bank

The Old Drive, Essenac

July Open Studios

Cambridge Open Studios 2018
Cambridge Open Studios 2018
Landscape representations of the Cam and Bourne Valleys, Cambridge and other sites in Britain and France.
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When my long architectural career came to a close in 2012 I took-up life drawing and subsequently painting, as a natural consequence of my life-long interest in the visual arts. In 2002 my wife and I purchased a former farmland site in Toft enabling us to design and build a house with a small integral architectural studio that I now use for painting and drawing. The new location led to historical interest of settlement in the Bourne Valley, with its well documented exposition of agricultural use and field patterns from prehistoric times, and which are evident on the ground to this day. My artistic interest was directed at painting representations of the local landscape which later extending to sites in the Cam Valley, uncovering motifs from Toft through Granchester Meadows to the unique fenland of Sheeps Green and Coe Fen in the heart of the City of Cambridge. Regular visits to Suffolk and recent painting campaigns to St. Ives, Cornwall; Provence; and the Limousin have produced a broader range of images. 

In my (self-taught) work I use charcoal and acrylic, and latterly I am experimenting with oil bar - a tricky, but covenient medium - in the search for freer and more substantial image-making that is closer to my artistic predilections.