Colen Lumley
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Three poplars, River Cam, Cambridge

Blackthorns, Home Close, Manor Farm, Toft

The Old Drive, Essenac

La Glane, St. Junien, Haute Vienne

Limoges Cathedral

July Open Studios

Cambridge Open Studios 2021
Cambridge Open Studios 2021
Open-air exhibition in Studio House garden. Landscapes mainly of the Bourn Valley, Cambridgeshire - meditations on place and visual expression.
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Around 2021, after a long career in architecture, as a self-taught painter, I commenced life drawing with a group, now known as Berern Life Drawing, and took up landscape painting soon after. I have painted with groups in St. Ives, Cornwall, and the Limousin in France, and spent time in Provence on the Cézanne trail. These together with sites in East Anglia have provided motifs for painting and recent work has seen a consolidation of an intimate interest in the commonplace landscape of Cambridgeshire - the streams and rivers that determine its topography especially.
        As the number of paintings increases the main body of work has centered on local Bourn Valley subjects, its waterways, and routes. A second series arose from a fascination with the magnificent tree planting on Sheep's Green and Coe Fen in the centre of the City of Cambridge, and the upstream reaches of the River Cam from Cambridge to Granchester.