Jolanda Aldis-Clarke
I am a local mosaic artist just starting out on the road to discovering all the wonderful things you can do with tiles.
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I have only just started discovering the fun and possibilities of mosaic art. What started as one coaster, just for fun, has developed via trays and pots into sizable tables and I am still exploring other surfaces. I work mainly with little glass tiles, but am discovering the interaction between glass and other materials, such as marble and ceramics.

The medium I am trying out at the moment is micro ceramic tiles. They are a lot more fiddly to use, but open a whole new set of possibilities. I am also exploring portrait mosaics and learning about the techniques involved.

This year I will be taking part in July Open Studios for the first time, together with my partner-in-art who will give pot throwing demonstrations. You are more than welcome to visit our shared studio in Cambourne.

Well, that was the plan anyway, but reality chose differently. Please check out my Open Windows display,  which will be on for the month of July and we hope to see you in person next year! Stay safe!