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oil on canvas   2018

The symbol of the eel trap connects Ely with New Zealand.

Another Year

oil on canvas     2011

Using the iconic shape of Ely Cathedral to record the deaths of a mother and sister-in-law and the births of a granddaughter and great niece, a year later.

Against The Light

oil on canvas    2015

Both brothers are viewed differenly by each of their parents.

Bicycle Thieves

oil on canvas    2016

Society viewed women very differently before 1960, but are they treated any better now?


oil on canvas    2017

Objects can evoke strong memories in all of us. Through dementia those memories can fade and  become distorted.

If The Boats Come In

oil on canvas   2013

The family ritual of sailing model boats each summer. Will they all return next year?

In Three Our Kingdom

oil on canvas.  2004

Three brothers divide up their mother's possestions. One brother resists his share but will not need it anyway.

No More Twist

oil on canvas    1996

The patchwork shows how  each member of the family has their place, but also serves as a reminder that all life is transitory.

Other Women's Lives

oil on canvas   2003

Regret, Despair and Contentment. Cousin, mother and sister-in-law are all represented by a circle but also, each circle represents them all. 

The Enigma of the Chinese Mask

 oil on canvas     1998

Different emotions about fami;y life are displayed both through the landscape and facial expressions

My Events

Ted Coney- Artist in Residence
Repeats every day 2 times.
26 Jun 2021 - 12:00 to 16:00
Ted Coney - Artist in Residence during Isle of Ely Arts Festival
Ted Coney- Artist in Residence
Ted Coney's Family Portraits
Repeats every week every Sunday until Sun Dec 05 2021.
12 Sep 2021 - 14:00 to 16:00
Ely's first pop-up gallery reopening for a new season
Ted Coney's Family Portraits

July Open Studios

Cambridge Open Studios 2021
Cambridge Open Studios 2021


Visit Ted Coney's Virtual Studio-Proceeds to NHS
Artist Ted Coney's 9 minute film will take you through a virtual tour of his studio. Proceeds in support of NHS Charities Together
Visit Ted Coney's Virtual Studio-Proceeds to NHS
Virtual Tour
Ted Coney's studio still open in spite of the pandemic! Proceeds to NHS Charities Together Fund
Virtual Tour
Virtual Tour
Ted Coney's studio still open in spite of the pandemic!
Virtual Tour

painting in oils
I use objects and ephemera in my paintings to symbolise and describe ideas about family life and relationships. Related material is also displayed.
  • Visitors All Year

All my paintings start with a family story or event which I enjoy sharing with visitors on Sundays by appointment. I hope vistors can relate to the universal truth behind the works which I  have made over a period of fifty years. 

The final paintings are not for sale though there are some postcards, prints and preliminary canvases which may be purchased.