Tam Cochrane
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The Men Who Watch

The Men Who Watch series is based on black and white photographs I took with my first camera in the mid sixties hence the haircuts at a football match.

I have printed off the photographs on paper used watercolour and then reprinted as giclee prints. 

 The Men Watch - all eyes focused . I think it works in both blue and black.

The Men Gather Under Stormy Skies- depicts men looking forlorn into red angry skies ,done during Brexit and the Australian fires

but unfortunately it really could be any time where conflict and environmental issues arise.

Who's That In The Red Jacket- the dangers of standing out from the crowd have also called this Dare To Be Different 

Fading Memories - old photographs recall memories from a long time ago , hard to remember at times

Vietnam Waits- A trip to Vietnam recently sees a country undergoing vast economic development but loosing a lot of its charm and culture

In The Beginning

I first started taking black and white photographs being influenced by the abstract American photographers of the 1930's and 40's. 

Work During Lockdown

painting, printing on mixed media
My artwork consists of building from black and white abstract photographs and adding layers of colour through acrylic and water colour paint.

    If colour is feelings, texture is truth.

    My mixed media artwork begins with black and white photography, where detail and composition are drawn from abstract landscapes. I am fascinated in using colour throughout my work. Each process that I apply is layered,slowly building up, from the application of photo dyes, digital printing as well as acrylic painting, a physical texture and emotive depth is hopefully the final outcome.

    Limited edition giclee prints are available of these ensembles