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Ceramic Hub for Artists at Ely College
Repeats every week until Wed Apr 01 2020.
25 Feb 2020 - 19:00 to 21:00
Ceramic Hub for Artists & Tuition @ Ely College
Ceramic Hub for Artists at Ely College
Pottery Class at Ely College
Repeats every week 8 times except Thu Feb 20 2020.
13 Feb 2020 - 19:00 to 21:00
Step by step ceramic projects
Pottery Class at Ely College

July Open Studios

Designing and creating clocks, mugs, lamps, tiles with clay; fire, colour and teach ceramics makes me happy! One word to qualify my work: DIVERSITY!
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Making objects for people to cherish is beautiful.

It is a privilege for me to teach others how to make unique clay treasures.

I create a large variety of items because I absolutely love diversity. Personally, I can never be bored if one day I make a bird, and the next day, I make a bear... there is not a day that passes without touching clay, porcelain or a brush to decorate my objects. I also love using gold in my work. I work with white, black and white or with a lot of colours. Illustration on ceramics is also something I enjoy doing and also teaching. It is such an amazing feeling to get the pieces out of the kiln, discovering items vitrified all over and shiny. It is like putting a watercolour in an expensive frame every time.

A lot of my commission work is for personnalised presents. It can be a life story turned into a sculpture, a date on a mug for a Christening, a celebration day with finger prints on a large dish for weddings or anniversaries or simply a beautiful message on a teapot for retirering.

This year, for the July exhibition, my team is planning to open a Pop Up Ceramic Studio for you to buy and decorate lovely items. It will take 7 days for us to fire the pieces for you and they will be either ready to be collected or we can post your items to you.

All through the year, we also offer ceramic items and paints to decorate at home. Both children and adult can decorate during a birthday party or a celebration. We then fire all the treasures and the order is sent back to you!