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My enthusiasm for jewellery has been called infectious. I live and breathe creativity, I cannot shut it off. I think that’s why my work is so broad, I can’t admit to having a style, I’m not able to narrow my field to just one technique or ‘look’. Finding inspiration, learning new ways of working, playing, and experimenting with materials keeps the making process alive for me. It was never about perfection or becoming the next Fabergé – there’s no way I will ever achieve this – but it’s the sheer joy, the frustrations and the growth I achieve when making that keeps me creating. 

Making jewellery and sharing the beauty of the world, my human experience within it and the journey we're all on is important to me. Sometimes I make for the sheer pleasure but mostly I use metals, stones and found objects to convey messages, either through symbolism, direct words and images or the materials themselves. I'm not much of a painter and I admire those that are, but I still want to share my story and jewellery is an extension of who I am. 

Divine Feminine Crown Series

I have been researching Goddess worship throughout history for a long time now and I am fascinated with their unique personalities and stories. I am a spiritual person and I am in awe of Gaia, (Mother Earth) so I wanted to create a series of gifts from Gaia to the Goddesses. As a woman in a patrichal society I am interested in the imbalance on the earth, of the male and female energies being out of sync to the detriment of our planet. Life is a cyclical journey, as are the stages of womanhood. The crowns explore the transitions of the female journey, from young maiden, mother, wild and wise woman. They also represent the transitioning of the seasons throughout the year. Winter/Spring is a crown for Persophone. Spring/Summer is a crown for Mary Magdelene. Summer/Autumn is a crown for the Goddess Diana and Autumn/Winter a crown for Kali. 


Please note that I have used an ethical source for the butterflies and feathers (most of which were collected by me)



My Events

Silver Jewellery Workshops
Repeats every week 5 times.
27 May 2021 - 13:00 to 15:00
5 Week Silver Jewellery Course for Beginners or Intermediate enthusiasts
Silver Jewellery Workshops

July Open Studios

Cambridge Open Studios 2021
Cambridge Open Studios 2021
Contemporary Jewellery Designer Maker
I am a magpie at heart, I've always been fascinated by sparkly treasure and it seemed the only natural path for me to work with metals and stones.
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I live and work in Lode, Cambridgeshire. I am a trained jeweller, qualified teacher, and Reiki master. I feel at home when I am working with metal, it is my preferred medium for self-expression. I love teaching and my creative classes are the perfect vehicle for me to share my passion, finally I have come to spirituality quite late in life, but it has certainly influenced my craft and how I approach the making process. I am a Parish Councillor, lead the local Covid19 working group and am trustee of two local charities. Improving wellbeing in the community is essential in my life. I ran an award-winning social enterprise improving confidence, wellbeing and self-esteem through creative classes and I am on a mission to share the importance of accessing creativity in everyday life. 

My love for the environment influences my work; it inspires me, provides me with beautiful materials and the elements to manipulate them. I am mindful every time I make to reserve materials and reuse materials where I can. I source my stones from ethical places and use packaging made from recycled materials. My work is made using mostly hand tools and handcrafted techniques, with no large industrial machinery, mass-scale production and/or transportation. I keep my work small and precious minimising harm to the environment.

I love making commission pieces as they are so personal, and I can think about the person I am making for. Please get in touch If you have any special requests. I sell my work here: 

I teach silver jewellery making at local education centres and at my workshop in Lode where I teach small classes of up to three students during the afternoons and evenings. You can follow me on Instagram where you will find lots of information about my jewellery classes, wellbeing, crystal therapy, Reiki and my new work