Georgina Briggs
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The Beholder, Oil on Canvas

My tribute to African Elephants

I painted this piece after hearing that one elephant is killed every fifteen minutes for it's ivory.
My challenge for this painting was to capture the expression of loss in the eyes. 


20 X 30 inch, Oil on canvas 2019

Palm Oil Baby, Oil on Canvas

Oil on canvas, 16 X 20 inch, 2019

Jaguar Polychromos oil pencil drawing

Polychromos oil pencil study

on A4 cotton paper


July Open Studios

Oil paints and oil pencils
I paint in oils and draw in oil pencils crayons covering many subjects but mainly animal portraits. I also make small animal sculptures.
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From an early age I developed my desire for painting and drawing, inspired by horses and dogs. I am a self taught artist now semi retired, I love using my leisure time making many forms of artwork. Horses have always been one of my favourite subjects, I also create a diverse range of artwork including landscapes, still life and animal portraits. I use my home and our conservatory as my studio. I am taking commissions mainly in the local community and have sold some abroad.