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You Only Live Twice

A sentimental array of work exploring religious divulgence of theologies of the afterlife.

The symbol of the butterfly, these days, is regarded as cliché or childish instead of its rightful throne of beauty, mystery and rebirth. Outside of Christianity, few know vaguely of the sacrifice, death and resurrection of Christ. Even fewer know of the archaic use of the image of the butterfly in resonance of Him and this transition.

This collection is simply a body of experiments, with a range of alluring mediums, sometimes using real winged creatures (all ethically sourced), intended to prick your curiosity...

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    A collection of water portraits.

    A playful mix of media to produce polished portraits of water in its different states. Diving into a plethora of blues, greens and iridescents.


    I adore astronomy and Greek mythology and nature. I always always have. Instead of dolls and makeup it was always ant farms, watching tadpoles grow and astronomy and mythology books received from the tender age of 5.   I always asked questions and questioned the answers of questions and explored everything reachable.

    These are a few of a body of studies of the heavens; colours, forms, stars...

    abstract paintings, photography, sculpture, printmaking, diverse textiles art
    English Mixed Media Artist ✧ Iridescence ✧ Ethereal ✧ Astronomy ✧ Nature ✧ Atmospheric tonal blends
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    I love being a walking contradiction to what society deems a woman should be