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Contemplation - Sahara 1985

Daily Chores - collecting the days water, Nigeria

Smokey Mountains - in more way than one. 2016

Sat on the top of the Smokey Mountains watching raging wildfires fill the valleys with smoke.  Surreal and beautiful at the same time. 

Still Life in Red

A play with the colour red to produce this still life of our fruit bowl and associated objects. 

I love van Gogh

My study of van Gogh's "Green Wheetfields with Cyprus Trees".  Learning about taches and spending a lot of time putting hundreds of marks down.  Loved playing with the impasto paint as well in the sky. 

My study of a Madigliani portrait

I never thought I would ever paint something in this style - but challenged by an art class I found I really enjoyed it.  The actual painting is a long thin portrait - this is an extracted crop of the original. 


Autumn colours after Tom Thomson

Another study of an artist I had never heard of before - but which I thoroughly enjoyed painting.  I remember being very frustrated I could not achieve the looseness of style in the foliage, but a few months on I like what I did produce.  Oil on plywood. 

My homage to the great Boabab

I found an old photo of my fathers from the 1970s of this huge baobab in Malawi.  I aim to do more Baobab tree paintings.  I found getting the branches coming straight at the viewer very difficult to get right.  Painted with oil on MDF board.  


Young boy in northern Cameroon

I worked in northern Cameroon in the 1987, and this young boy caught my eye.  Acrylic on canvas board. 

Sanu Sanu

This joyful elder was attending an Eid festival of riders in honour of the Emir of Bauchi in 1983.  I took his photo and his smile has always made me feel happy. Acrylics on plywood. 

July Open Studios

Cambridge Open Studios 2021
Cambridge Open Studios 2021
acrylics, oil painting
I am increasing my range of painting to oils and acrylics - mainly oils now. I work in landscapes, still life and portraits.
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I have taken the advantage of COVID shielding requirements to spend time learning from the excellent Norfolk Painting School Studio Talks. Through this I have been exposed to artist I have never encountered before, and I am slowly finding the styles of painting I enjoy the most.  Learning from the masters has been a breakthrough for me.