Phillip J Mosely
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Sketching Nemo

Created this using pencils, pan pastels and ink. Sold as Giclee prints at A4 size - original artwork is available. 

In port at rest

Boat within a harboiur in gouache, 5.83 x 8.27 inch's. Giclee Prints available - original also available

Gone fishing...

Fishing boat on the sea, size: 5.83" x 8.27" in Goache - Giclee prints vailable..


and original

Dog Portraits in Polychromos Pencil size: A3

Created using polychroumous pencils from a set of photos for a private commissions on Bristol board.

Seaside bliss 6" x 6" in OIL

Oil painting 6" x 6" Bucket and spade Giclee prints availabkle as are originals 

Blue elephants in oil 18" x 14"

Oil Painting size: 18" x14" Elephants in blue original available or Giclee print

Deer at the river in: Gouache

Deer enjoying the river on decking in Gouache - A4 size.

Who should have the fishy?

Gouache, 5.83" X 8.27: Achers papaer. From Adobe stock photos Fishing boat. 

Swamp Cabin

A4 size in Gouache on Archers Watercolour paper.

Horse Sketch

A3 size Sketch of horse

Frog Sketch

A3 Sketch: Frog in light

Robin: Pencil and Pastel

A4: Colour Polychromous Pencil drawing with pan pastels. 


A4 Owl using Polychromous colour pencil - available as a Giclee print. 

Still life in Oil

18 X 14" Canvas Oil Painting Still life.

Goldfish using Oil: 6 x 6"

6 X 6" Oil on canvas.. 

Parrots: Oil on canvas

6 x 6" Oil on canvas

Frog in pastel A4

Frog using Polycromous Colour Pencils and Pan Pastels on A4 - mixed media

Croc in an egg 6 x 6" Oilon canvas.

Oil on canvas - 6 x 6" 

Still Life - Oil Painting 18 x 14"

Oil Painting Still life.. 18 x 14"

Still Life Oil Painting

18 X 14: Oil Paintings Still Life..

Paul Weller A4 in Gouache

Paul Weller A4 in Gouache 

Owl in Graphite

A4 Owl in Graphite

Pet Portrait

A4 in Size  Pet Portrait of beloved dog..

Pet Portrait of Cat

A2 Portrait of Cat sadly passed away but owners have this lovely memory 

Dog Portraits in Polychromos Pencil size: A3

Lifelike drawing of dog A4 in size using polychromous Colour Pencils on Stonehendge Paper

Distinguished Gent from Featured range

Graphite pencils and graphite powder

Using: Archers Aquarelle, Watercolour paper, Hot Pressed 300 g/m2A3 - 297 × 420 mm or 11.7 × 16.5 inches.

Size: A3:  Width: 12.8” (32.51 cm) by Height: 17.11” (43.45 cm)

* Artwork is Copy write protected and cannot be replicated. 



oils, colour pencil, graphite, gouache, Pan Pastel
Self taught artist using mediums such as Colour Pencil, Pan Pastel and Ink Gouache, Acrylic and Oil
  • Commissions Taken
  • Visitors All Year
  • Tuition Given

I provide portraits of beloved Pets (Cats and Dogs) using Polychromous Colour pencils. I also have a collection of Graphite pencil drawings a little more contempary.  I have completed paintings using Gouche and Oil paint of varioius genre.  I have taught children including those developing ART portfolios for private schools in cambridge. I Plein Air paint, weather permitting, and sketch when I can and also take lots of photos.