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Still-life giclée prints.

Limited edition, signed, giclée prints from still-life oil paintings.  They are window-mounted with cream-coloured board and the external measurements will fit an 12x10 inch frame.  Prints are on archival paper and colours are light-fast.  The surface is, however, delicate and so the prints should be framed behind glass. £95.

July Open Studios

Cambridge Open Studios 2021
Cambridge Open Studios 2021


Babylon ARTS Summer Open 2021
Babylon ARTS Summer Open 2021
New On-line Exhibition of Artworks
Trumpington Meadows Community has collected paintings and photographs by local artists.
New On-line Exhibition of Artworks

landscape painting, oil painting, drawing, giclée prints
Landscape paintings, pencil portrait drawings and still-life giclée prints.
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I trust you will enjoy taking a few moments to look at my art.  

The drawings and paintings are done from direct observation of the subject.  The landscapes are painted outdoors, where I sit on the ground and this gives a different perspective.  I use oil paint on panels and primarily pencil for the drawings.

I have some experience of teaching drawing to adults and can offer private tuition in observational drawing.

If you would like to see the paintings and drawings at my studio in Trumpington, then I am happy to be contacted by e-mail to arrange this.

Rather than buying, if you would like to rent a picture for a while then again please contact me to arrange it.