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For thirty years I have been interested in sculpting, inspired by my father who was a polymath and included sculpture in his interests.  Having already taken a course in clay modelling, in 1995 I came across Esther Melamed's sculpture studio through Cambridge Open  Studios and signed on for a life class using clay medium.  This led to the chance to try sculpting in stone which I look back on as the most wonderful moment of discovery, which I value most deeply.   With every piece of stone I have worked there has been the sense of an affinity which brings inspiration.  It is truly a mystical linking and gives an added dimension to the joy of sculpting.  I wish I could still reach out to Esther and thank her as she was the  person who gave me this great chance.  

Clay also has this same effect on me, enhanced by an extraordinary "out of body" experience in France when on a clay sculpture course.  I love the feel of the clay and its instant responsiveness and often treat it as stone, cutting the sculpture out from a block of clay and working on it from that point.  


July Open Studios

Cambridge Open Studios 2021
Cambridge Open Studios 2021
sculpture, Stone and clay sculpture
I love the challenge of giving a piece of stone a new identity. Clay offers a faster result and offers more possibilities. Both mediums give me joy

    I find that carving stone gives a different quality to the time spent working on it.  I am conscious of a mysterious affinity with stone and prefer to search for inspiration within small, roughly shaped pieces.  My work is mostly concerned with the human figure and I am currently attempting some abstract pieces.  Preferred stones are limestone, alabaster, polyphant and Zimbabwean Opal stone and spring stone.  Working in clay gives a more instant result and  offers a wider scope of subjects. I  particularly enjoy sculpting portrait heads in clay.