Thomas Morris
ink and watercolours
Painter of finely detailed work in ink and watercolour. Favoured subjects: architecture, landscapes and gardens. Prints and cards available.
  • Commissions Taken

I have lived all my life in Cambridge. Although not formally trained, I have been interested in drawing and painting since childhood, and this (together with music) is a major interest.

My earlier work in pen and ink was characterised by very fine detail achieved by the use of a 'Rapidograph' pen. More recently, my preferred medium has been watercolour; using a very fine brush has the same effect.

The subjects that most interest me are buildings, townscapes and landscapes, and I particularly enjoy portraying summer gardens. Over the years my subjects have been drawn mainly from local views in and around Cambridge.

My interests in choral singing and playing the organ have led me to portray a number of King's College themes. I often take a camera and sketchbook on holiday and subsequently work from what I have recorded. An example of this approach is my picture of the Cathedral at Santiago de Compostela.

Although I have exhibited regularly, increasingly I work to commission.

Contact: Tom Morris on 01223 351152 or 01223 353345