Helen Humphreys
ceramics, pottery, sculpture
Sculptural garden wall pots with faces. Green men. Impressed leaves and lettering on stoneware dishes, plates and tiles. Do visit my online shop.
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I studied at college in Bristol in the 70s and spent most of my spare time in the ceramics department. My potting continued at evening classes in York and Cambridge until 2000, when we extended our brick shed into a workshop in the garden.

Currently I fire in a large electric kiln, built for me by Northern Kilns.

I make stoneware garden sculpture and decorated dishes, plates and tiles. My work reflects my love of the natural world.

The Green Men and serene wall pots are designed for use as containers with plants such as thyme and saxifrage. Some are better suited to a circular shape and I make these as plaques and water features. The ideas come from many sources… local carvings, portraits or photographs of sculpture and some are from my imagination. The pots are made from high fired stoneware clay and are frost resistant.

The plant theme continues onto my dishes, plates and tiles which I decorate with leaves and impressed patterns or lettering, often poetry, in celebration of beauty in nature. I have a large collection of lead and wooden type and have been commissioned to make plates with personal messages for weddings and special anniversaries.

I like to experiment with different styles of work, some of which you can find on my website.

I am a Selected Member of Anglian Potters.

I stopped teaching pottery classes in April 2020. I made some short videos of pottery techniques for students...you can find them on youtube under 'Pottery in the Fen'.