Rose Scott
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"View from Scolt Head Island, Norfolk (sunrise)"

"Dawn over Scolt Head Island"

"Sunrise over Scolt Head Island from Holkham Bay"

"Winter Sunrise (Fens)"

"Holkham Bay (Winter)"

"Snow on the Fens(Dawn) II"

"Holkham Bay in Winter (Sunrise)1"

"Snow on the Fens at Sunset"

"Antibes (August 2017)"

"Cannes (August 2017)1"

"Cannes (Sunrise)"

"Holkham Bay in Summer (Dawn)"

"Cannes (August 2017)II"

"Early Morning Snow (Norfolk Coast)"

"Coastal Sunrise (Southwold)"

"Wake up to Silence (Norfolk Coast)"

"After the Snow Storm (Southwold)"

"Late Afternoon Snow (Southwold)"

“Sunrise Southwold III”

“Holkham Bay (December)”

Early morning Frost (Fens)

July Open Studios

Cambridge Open Studios 2020
Cambridge Open Studios 2020
printmaking, painting
Mono silk screen prints based on visual sensations experienced while travelling. I build my prints up in layers until I have realised my vision.
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Born in Suffolk, I studied Fine Art at Norwich School of Art and Goldsmiths College. My career as an Art and Art History teacher spanned 40 years and throughout that time I continued to develop my own ideas and work. In my studio at St Barnabas Press I am constantly pushing the boundaries of possibility in exploring new ways to realise my vision through the medium of silk screen print. My inspiration currently comes from land/seascapes in North Norfolk, Suffolk, the Fens, the South of France and the East Coast of Scotland. Through layering I am interested in simplifying, abstracting and capturing the effect of different weather fronts, seasons and times of day on familiar land/seascapes. Although my prints are sometimes part of a series each one is different and whatever the format I always stress the horizontal as I aim to produce images that have a peaceful, almost meditative effect on the viewer.