Andrew Milbourn
Photography of a variety of themes, mostly outdoors, including seascapes, travel and abstract.
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One of my inspirations has been the interaction between light and water. Possibly this is because, as a sailing instructor, I had plenty of opportunity to consider this. I arranged the COS exhibition around a variety of themes including; Seascapes, The Mediterranean, East Anglia, Infrared Landscapes, Victorian Split Tones, Abstract and Impressionist. I think it is important to provide a variety of subjects and approaches to prevent the  exhibition can ending up being just variations on one or two photos.

Until recently I used film formats, but I now use digital so that I can produce the prints for people on demand. One advantage of this is that I can print on interesting textures, such as matt canvas, which gives a very interesting feel to the photos. Another advantage of digital is the scope it provides for experimenting with more abstract, and less realistic, approaches.

As a sideline I also do photography for  social events, drama and film sets.