Kathleen Abbott
furniture, wood
Beautiful, comfortable Windsor chairs, handmade to order, ladder-backs, stools, refectory tables, inscribed breadboards, mostly from Essex trees.
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We spend a few weeks each winter managing our own 25 acres of Essex woodland, and more and more of our furniture is coming from this wood. We enjoyed a wet and windy New Year week there, clearing up storm blown oak trees for future milling. Solid English hardwoods have an unpredictable beauty. Our pieces respond to the particular quality of the timber from which they are made; our chairs will never be identical, though clearly children of the same parents. We stay in the English Country Tradition, partly because it is so wide, and partly because the chairs are so comfortable and so comely that it would be presumptuous to imagine one could improve on them by radical alteration. Nonetheless, each piece is unique. We also make bedsteads, dining tables, smaller tables and stools, as well as inscribed breadboards (ideal wedding presents!). Most of our work is commissioned, and we are very ready to discuss a project with a customer, who can thus have an input to the resulting piece.