Keith Bailey
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    Bailey Studio

    Bust of people the sculpter new . His own father in the forground

    Young Keith Bailey

    Photograph of the artist as a younger manĀ 

    Studio view

    stone carver
    Showing a lifetimes career in lettering and sculpture . In my retirement I cut quotations into stone to create word sulptures
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    Keith studied art for five years before doing his National Service. He came to Cambridge on a two year contract to help David Kindersley carve a large relief mural at the American Cemetery just outside the city. He then stayed as an assistant in the Kindersley workshop for a further two years. In 1957 Keith started out on his own and for the next fifty years lived mainly by his commissions. His work is on cathedrals, churchyards and public buildings at home and abroad. As well as work in private collections he has collaborated with Ian Hamilton Finlay for over twenty years. Now Keith has retired but he is still working on his own work as it is his main interest in life . So he will be part of Cambridge Open Studios this year as he has over the last thirty or so years.