Alison Litherland
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July Open Studios

Cambridge Open Studios 2018
Cambridge Open Studios 2018


Exhibiton space at Cambridge Artworks
Space at Cambridge Artworks for Open Studios
Exhibiton space at Cambridge Artworks

Large colourful paintings in loosely painted acrylics/oils. Watery abstract landscapes

    My painting reflects my life as I draw inspiration from anything or everything around and am constantly experimenting. I've painted landscapes on rocks on the beach; I then photographed them, digitally edited the results to produce intriguing and interesting prints. I have painted using iPad apps, and use the iPad to edit photographs. But my main practice is covering large canvases with loosely painted drippy acrylics, working with colour and memories and to produce evocative thought-provoking paintings. My paintings are inspired by longings for open landscapes and yearnings for lost, dark Victorian buildings.