Carol Page
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celadon dish

Earthenware with copper oxide and celadon glaze

3 vases

Earthenware clay with copper oxide and celadon glaze

Vase & Bowl

Celadon glaze and copper oxides

Green pot

Earthenware glaze on a filigree pot

Blue pots

A couple of pots with filigree edges blue glazed

Hand built glazed dishes, vases, bowls and jugs reflect the ever-changing elements and shades found in nature's colours and textures.
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I have been hand building ceramics for several years purely as a hobby. For me it is a fascinating process, which I find therapeutic as well as giving me the chance to be creative. My love of gardening and flora  has inspired me in the work. Having discovered glazes I feel that it has allowed me to achieve the variety of colours found in nature. Simple shapes flow, giving a feel of delicacy that can be found in nature. Each piece of work is totally unique, not only in it's own form but also in the various colours.