Rosemary Dodgson
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Portraits and pets

I offer a range of pet portraits usually using chalk pastels.  I aim for fine detail when suitable and prefer to take my own pictures from which to base the work. I often submit a number of potential sketches initially so the client can choose their favoured pose. I ony charge once the cient is totally satisfied. 

Fine botanical Pictures - watercolours

These are exampes of the primary focus of my art work. Having been a horticulturalist all my ife I went straight for botanical art when I started painting in the 1990's and I do enjoy the fine detailed work.

Pen and ink botanical studies including some watercolour washes

Pen and ink studies incuding some with watercolour washes and some acrylic ink.

Acrylic works

I enjoying dipping into acrylics every now and again, as a change from the more detailed watercolours and pastels. These are a few examples from various series including jellyfish and pop-art style flowers.

July Open Studios

Cambridge Open Studios 2021
Cambridge Open Studios 2021
watercolour, pastel, ink
I am a fine botanical painter in watercolours and a painter of portraits of people/animals in pastels.
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I have been painting botanical illustrations for nearly 20 years including specialist illustrations for agricultural publications.  I enjoy producing fine detailed work taking my subjects from nature. However, I also like diversity and regularly dip into other techniques. Recently I embarked on a series of fluid acrylic paintings; again based on natural themes, but these are of neccesity abstract and so very different from my other works. I take commissions for pet portraits and very much enjoy running workshops occasionally. If you woud like to purchase any of my available work online including a range of limited edition and non limited prints I sell through Art in the Heart   


Dog in chalk pastel