Tim Harris
I am primarily a landscape photographer, often working around the Norfolk and Suffolk coast.

I am an amateur photographer based in Cambridge, but particularly fond of locations around the coast where the changes in tide as well as weather conditions provide lots of possibilities. Many of my images concentrate on incongruous man-made structures in the natural landscape – such as the stark A14 bridge over the Orwell River, the concrete blocks of the sluice near Cley, or the foundations left behind in the sand at Happisburgh after the stairs they supported were removed due to coastal erosion. Two pictures I have enjoyed working on over the last few years are my images of the Mill Road shops in Cambridge and of the beach huts at Wells-next-the-Sea. While the images aim to appear true to life, they are each made up from over two hundred separate exposures.

My work has been featured in the Light and Land at the Mall Exhibition, and publications including The Sunday Times Magazine, Black & White Photography, and Amateur Photographer. I am a member of and .