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My work is in international collections. I sell directly from my studio now as I enjoy meeting people and discussing the projects directly.  I weave, dyeing my silk using the Ikat technique.  My scarves and shawls are about colour interactions which I am constantly challenging.  the textures and light refractions are important to the final piece.

Commission 2016

Joy After the Storm was commissioned by Mather Lifeways in Wilmette, Illinois and installed in June, 2016.


Abstract acrylic paintings of the Fens near me. I want to show the feelings that this flat, often bleak landscape evoke. Wet, windy, dark in atmosphere with huge skies: the details of the hedges and who hides there, the lodes and who swims there, the fields and who gallops there.

commissions 2017

"Twilight On The Hudson". Commissioned for a private home, this Ikat dyed silk and stainless steel wire wall hanging reflects the serene atmosphere of the view of the river in Croton-On-Hudson, New York, USA.

Silk Noil Shawls

Handwoven, Ikat dyed silk noil shawls.  Luxurious and versatile, they are useful for a summer's evening or a winter's day for elegance and warmth.  The silk noil is the inner, short fibre of the silk cocoon which creates a soft, slightly fluffy yard very good as an insulator.  These shawls are hand washable.

Spun Silk Scarves

Elegant pure silk scarves, handwoven, hand dyed, hand washable.

July Open Studios

weaver of silk and wire
Ikat-dyed, handwoven wall hangings in silk, copper and stainless steel. Sophisticated silk scarves and shawls in rich colours. Commissions taken.
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My wall hangings have been commissioned around the world in corporate and public spaces. I currently use copper and stainless steel wire to create a sculptural dimension. My Ikat dyed and handwoven silk scarves and shawls are sophisticated in the play with rich colour and luxurious feel.