Paul Edwards
silkscreen prints.
Dynamic, colourful silkscreen prints. Bold & lively abstract explorations. Framed/unframed prints. Original greetings cards.
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You are very welcome to visit Sara and Paul's Open Studio at 133 Sedgwick St, off Mill Rd, Cambridge, CB1 3AL. 

We are open during weekends 1 and 2 (2018) or at other times by appointment throughout the year. Please give me a call to arrange a visit (). 

Sara will have a display of her unique ceramics and I will have an exhibition of framed prints, plus unframed work in browsers.

My studio is at home and I can show you some of the processes involved in making my silkscreen prints. I also have a range of blank greetings cards available for sale.

You can view my portfolio on

I create abstract silkscreen prints that are dynamic, colourful, fluid and vibrant. Music and the natural world influence my work. 

I construct my prints using paper and photo stencils, building up opaque and transparent bands of colour. I enjoy the crispness of edge and line, the interactions of overlapping layers of colour, smooth flowing lyrical curves and the intensity of primary and complementary colours.