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Types of Art you will see (The Oak Bistro 2021)

All Covid safe just pre-book inside or outside protected heated garden!

Also a key street picture they have used on a special bottle of red or white!



Sponsorship Opportunities

Commercial Partnerships:

Nicholas has sourced quality artisan products and that selection provides the opportunity for future sponsorship to carry into planned exhibitions here and abroad.

Leading into the finished product of oil on linen, are many sketches including water-colours, notated drawings and charcoal. There are also notations in the margins of many of the books read.

Looking for partnerships, Nicholas selected specific artist material brands chosen for their quality. Oil paint suppliers exclusively: Jackson’s, London; Vasari, New York; and Old Holland, Netherlands. Painted on Winsor & Newton 100% linen 13oz and Russell & Chapple’s Belgium linen 14oz.  Non-framed, edge-finished with Farrow & Ball “Mouse’s Back” colour.  Charcoal drawings framed in either a deep chocolate or sandy thin-frame finish supplied by local framer.

Academic Mentoring:

With the liaison of sponsors’ Language Testing 123, Russell Whitehead has convened meetings arranged to encourage links which could aid the artist in better managing his research into this type of Arctic exploration.  List supplied upon request. 

Artist Statement for reasons why this new body of work:

Nicholas Juett writes: In these particular paintings, interpreting factual information in a visual format could have led to some rather dry illustrations without movement, felt emotion or passion:  dry ‘reporting’ rather than good fiction. I have always been seeking the opposite and my unusual handling of colour and dynamic brushwork, as well as variety across the surface of the canvas, aims to achieve a more contemporary language for painting that is heartfelt. Finding ways to pastiche another artist without copying has also been a feature of my work, developed when living, training and painting in the USA. Happily, this exploration of my namesake’s journal brings back these qualities which some members of the public may have seen in the Williams Art ‘21’ exhibition where some interesting canvases were exhibited dating from the early 1990’s.

Artist’s Who Do You Think You Are:

Ships, shores, colonisation, mutiny and the beginning of New York: a substantial group of paintings based around the c17th voyages of discovery to Northern America.

Robert Juett, a seasoned sailor, lived in Limehouse with his wife and daughter, who later emigrated to Virginia. Robert died off the coast of Ireland on the fateful return journey aged thirty-two.  His life was formed by a particularly fascinating part of history that has resonance today.




Waves of Discovery, Part I (King's College 2016)

“Ships are often the subject for conventional treatment in art, but in disregarding tradition, Nicholas’ work shows us the humdrum paraphernalia of shipboard life: we see huge cheeses left carelessly lying among tools and rope work; we are shown an icy outer world through the exploded side of the ship; and in an echo of the bizarre sight the ship must have presented to the native Americans on the coast of Nova Scotia and to the Inuit in Newfoundland, we also see strangely proportioned barques sailing down the River Cam.


Nick plans to pursue further ways of conveying the Arctic experience, exploring the region without leaving the artist’s studio. His creative response helps give a picture of early seafaring through his research in books, the Internet and gathering information from maritime museums on trips to Amsterdam, London and Lisbon. Reading historical references of the time (not just in pictures) and learning about later expeditions archived at the Polar Institute, has a part to play in a more modern visual response to the early 17th century in this show at King’s Art Rooms.” Nigel Meager, Art Teacher, King’s College.


Waves of Discovery, Part II (C.O.S. 2017)

Shared newer work post King's College.


Towards The Mayflower, Part III (Clare Hall, 2020)

Over and done 2019 into 2020 solo show at Clare Hall, Cambridge Uni.

Instead of Pilgrim more like Black Matters and it does.

My Events

Get yourself a Juett jigsaw
31 Dec 2020 - 16:45
Feedback jigsaw on your favourite Juett art by visiting my back-catalogue at then get in touch 2021.
Get yourself a Juett jigsaw
Toward The Mayflower
Repeats every day until Thu Jan 09 2020.
21 Nov 2019 - 09:00 to 18:00
Hello, Would you like to see NEW ART and not seen recent ones along with me! Text me your slot should you wish to catch up with events in Art, call me on 07752 158 821 for info I am sending you my invitation to this new launch at Clare Hall. Visit daily from 9am to 6pm. It is a beautiful relaxed space of architectural merit designed by Ralph Erskin in 1966 and I am in it. On show, in range of sizes, are also some artist’s collection spanning decades - 26 pictures in all. “Towards The Mayflower” is the title for a gripping fantasy of a new possibility across the ocean. Just like today! Under the Thatcher years my own emigration in 1986 set me sail as a painter. Did you know, post 1620 in one year 20,000 immigrated to those shores encouraged by England in an economic down turn of food shortages, unemployment, pestilence and corruption. I planned my escape aged 14 so when it came to the Thatcher years (and I met her) make a bolt to Los Angeles, return and go back as an Ed Harris Fellow to study and remain… until 2001 return. As a boy regular visits to the Fitzwilliam Museum there on loan a David Hockney key to my heart. “Portrait of an Artist (Pool with Two Figures)” painted in 1972 sold for $22,587,500 at Christie's in New York a year ago. In my show are two self-portraits exhibited to share how my colour developed from my California visit aged seventeen and was directly motivated by David – who later befriended me in my post Chicago, then City of the Angeles days, prior to resettle in New York City. A painting you may have seen on Pike’s Walk by NPA Architects that I exhibit regularly is - “A flock of émigrés present themselves in my garden, birds of a feather, which I studied and took into the belly of an old oak ship. In it like a life-jacket a two part boat could be joined together to make escape should the Ship founder thus go back to safer shores.” Bit like today - emigration. Clare Hall on Herschel Road half way down Grange Road, CB3 9AL near Uni. Library. Meet the Artist for conversation or could be purchase discussion with instalments. From now until 9th January 2020 Nicholas Juett’s “Towards the Mayflower” see BRAND NEW ART. Plus good ART OF LAST FOUR YEARS plus a sharing of my beginnings OLD ART from 1980 plus. QUICK LANDING PAGE For essentials simply visit or bookmark
Toward The Mayflower

July Open Studios

Cambridge Open Studios 2021
Cambridge Open Studios 2021


Have you any holiday plans in Norfolk, then take a look at norfolk hide aways via a search on the www for blakeney-holt-surrounding-villages
Agent Norfolk Hideaways on 01485 211 022 for this artistic-experience.
Have you any holiday plans in Norfolk, then take a look at norfolk hide aways via a search on the www for blakeney-holt-surrounding-villages

oils, painting, pictures, drawings, charcoal, sketchbook, canvas, linen, vibrant, colour
How did you get here said the artist to the painting. It said colour-of-life and driven independence. Come on inside, Covid safe, and make me an offer
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Range of Oils styled in my Chicago School training, now firmly established in Cambridge North: my kind of town.


What a time, time to revisit classic works I have painted over these years.  If you are reading this book your diary.  My art is timeless not needing to be flavour flavor (UK/USA).  Instead it speaks beauty if it speaks to you which is all that matters.  I am a contemporary artist of prestigious output capturing the moment.  What is good? Is it, you decide.  Selling brand ‘New’ is a fad bit boring, a concept less welcome to me myself and eye.  Why?  We make beauty in a moment of time which later may be ready to buy now.  Let us discuss with masks.


Payment plan absolutely acceptable on larger work if you can give me a deposit for your purchase: then typically monthly payments one month at a time. Art to be delivered to you ASAP and trust in payments later.  Be a Covid-19 safe drop.

* Other art for sale located on the walls of The Oak Bistro; See a quality wine with-on-the label key painting by artist of The Oak!

WINDOW King Street at Pike's Walk

Even if change occurs be sure safety of my display will be ongoing and parking no problem.  I have a window display.  Woof-woof.

STORY post 2014

The expedition of 1609 took the Dutch vessel The Halve Maen to what is now known as the Hudson River, and Robert Juet of Limehouse, London, describes his journey in a journal all the way to Albany (a place I once painted during a residency Up-State-New-York; the painting titled ‘Lamb White Days’ of 1993 captures blizzard snow forest and my family history prior to Internet possibilities).

Robert Juet’s account as a seasoned sailor with Captain Henry Hudson gave me the drive to explore deeper into those times.  I found out about early exploration at the Scott Polar Research Institute as well as ‘internet trawling’.   I joined societies and attended specialist lectures.  Additional research and a lot of reading finally led to a visit at the Amsterdam Maritime Museum; then Lisbon with intent for many more but my passport expired and with Brexit plus Covid not an interesting option.  Instead have to be imagination (the work I am privately working on).


The expedition of 1609 took the vessel The Half-Moon with a mixed crew (English & Dutch) to what is now known as the Hudson River, and Robert Juett as Mate describes their journey all the way to Albany.  The later and fateful 1611 voyage on The Discovery stranded sailors for a year in the southern part of Hudson Bay causing a mutiny lead by Robert.  He died on the return, off the coast of Ireland but I dont beleive it!  There is no log.  Hudson's discoveries laid the groundwork for Dutch colonisation of the Hudson River region, as well as English land claims in Canada.  It was in the log of sailor Robert Juett (Ivett) the first ever recording of the name given by naitive Indians to Manhatten.  I lived there much later than 1609.  Had no idea of my own history, only to discover it in the Cambridge University Library during my PGCE studies at Homerton (2005).


Interestingly, haven joined societies for lectures linked to Ernest Shackleton the same skills of survival (well-documented) they equally apply to past explorers and that way extends my appreciation of Arctic sailing.  In some way this knowledge filters into Art.


solo Clare Hall, Cambridge Uni (2019-20);  group Clare Hall, Cambridge Uni (2017); solo King’s College, Cambridge Uni (2016); Marshall’s International Airport, Cambridge (2015); Picasso Gallery, Washington DC (2011); Meller Merceux Gallery, Oxford (2011); Williams Art, Cambridge (2011); Reok Museum of Contemporary Art, Szeged, Hungary (2010); ADC Theatre, “Portrait of Dorian Gray in NYC” Cambridge (2010);  i2Gallery, Saffron Walden (2009); Primavera, Cambridge (2008); Wysing Arts Centre, Bourn (2008); Broughton House Gallery, Cambridge (2007); Royal Automobile Club, London (2006); Byard Art, Cambridge (2005); Kettle’s Yard, Cambridge (2004); Salon des Arts, London (2004); Royal Opera House, London (2003); Ace Gallery, New York (2002); Museum of Modern & Contemporary Art, Rijeka, Croatia (2001); Miroslav Kraljevic Gallery, Zagreb, Croatia (2000); Alternative Museum, New York (1998); Lyons Wier Gallery, Chicago (1993); Painting Center, New York (1993); Ace Gallery, Los Angeles (1990); New Ashgate Gallery, Farnham (1987); “Façade” Carlyle Sq, Chelsea, London (1986); London Rd. Art Gallery, Reading Uni (1985); The Great Hall & “Facade Performance” Reading Uni (1985); “The 4Arts Group” Caius College Gallery, Cambridge Uni (1982); Peterhouse, Cambridge Uni (1981); Cambridge College of Arts & Technology (1980):- now Anglia Ruskin Uni. & The Cambridge School of Art.


2010 XVII. International Art Camp, Cserszegtomaj, Balaton, Hungary / Invited Guest Artist; created art along with artists all Eastern-Block; that they call Middle Europe

2002-10 Wysing Arts Centre, Bourn, Cambridgeshire, Great Britain / Onsite Studio Artist; private studio to be one’s self and loud music

1993-4 Marie Walsh Sharpe Art Foundation, New York, New York State, USA / The Space Program; loft space living as a painter with painters

1992 St. Edna Vincent Millay Colony for the Arts Austerlitz, New York State / Juried Residency; one month sleep and fed free in deep winter snow

1986 Cyprus College of Art, Lemba, Paphos, Cyprus / Summer Program; three month in heat sharing with other Brit artists

1985 Clay Studios & Print Workshops, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, UK / Studio Artist; next door to the police station weird space to work


2019 Milton Road Library / Friends Of, Cambridge / Commission for epic scale painting tribute to past and new facility for the public

2016 Anglia Ruskin University / Alumni, Cambridge & Chelmsford / Contribution to Culture Award nominee & shortlist prize winner

2015 Local Government of the City of Szeged & Hammido Art School, Szeged / Youth Festival Twin Cities Teacher Award for primary school project reciprocal to Harston & Newton Community Primary School, Cambridge

2010 Cambridge Szeged Society & Reök Museum, Cambridge / Szeged / Travel & Costs Award as twin city recipient and exhibitor

2008 Addenbrooke’s Hospital, ATC Atrium, Cambridge / Exhibit Loan long-term; and pictures Purchase Grant

2008 Szeged Bridge Fair, Guest Artist of the Cambridge Szeged Society Delegation / Travel Award to Hungary

2005 Byard Art, Cambridge / Awarded Second Prize, cash-prize and pending solo exhibit, pending 2021

2003 Royal Opera House, Nominated by Isobel Johnstone, Senior Curator, Arts Counci / Awarded a commission for public access Art Project; supported by Searcy’s

2002 East England Arts & Cambridgeshire District Council, Cambridge / Exhibit Grant at Wysing Arts Centre for solo show of USA past pictures

1995 Ludwig Vogelstein Foundation, Brooklyn / Arts & Humanities Grant, cash-prize

1994 Marie Walsh Sharpe Art Foundation, New York / One Year Artist in Residence / Tribeca; free huge loft-studio

1993 John D. & Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation & Illinois Arts Council, Chicago / Exhibit Grant; for non for profit exhibit space and two person exhibition

1992 St. Edna Vincent Millay Colony for the Arts, Austerlitz / Artist in Residence; month free studio including accommodation and cooked for

1992 School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago / Awarded ‘Faculty Position’ BA summer school; prestigious as a ‘real’ contract

1992 Union League Civic & Arts Foundation, Chicago / Visual Arts Scholarship (Double Honours); juror’s took one from another for me

1988 School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago / Traveling Fellowship (Hon. Mention); allowed me to travel to Los Angeles

1987 Rotary Foundation, Evanston (USA), Reading/Cambridge Rotary Club (UK) / Rotary Fellowship (Ed Harris Fellow Scholar); all paid tuition and living; with duties to give presentations to many clubs as an ambasador

1986 Carlyle Square, Chelsea, London / attended by H.R.H. Princess Alexandra / Façade Gala (my painting echoes of artist John Piper & composer Sir William Walton)

1985 Council & Senate for Arts Funding, University of Reading / Exhibit Grant for Façade; advertised by BBC radio with interview

1982-4 National Student’s Union Funding, University of Reading / Grant for The 4Arts Group founded by myself with 600 members (at £1 each); more than the student Concervative Party at uni


I am a different artist who speaks his mind.   “If a picture can be removed in the World would you miss it?  If you don’t then it is a generic image of less reputation more repetition, and of shear boredom to me, you’re welcome to enjoy but it isn’t Art – is it. “