Jane Evans
chinese brush painting
Striking still life, landscape, animal and bird paintings in a highly original style, combining Chinese painting methods with Western influences.
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"The truth comprises the impression received through the eyes and recognized by the mind" (T'sung Ping 375 – 443). Kuo Hsi in the 11th century described painting as a manifestation of the power to comprehend and express the spiritual reality of natural objects. My work is inspired by this ideal of conveying spirituality and fundamental realities in visual form. However, it is also informed by my Western, more practical, soul. I create work that melds Eastern and Western techniques and aesthetics, aiming to exploit the versatility of Chinese techniques and materials. I try to combine both aesthetic traditions. I am always conscious of the need to go beyond visual reality to convey the true essence of my subjects. In my work, I try to experiment with the way we see the world around us, which changes constantly as we look. In the course of the journey I have traveled in my painting, my work has gone from being muted and monochrome to being vibrant and colourful.