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Inspirational trees

My passion for painting trees started when I set a topic as a teacher. "Do your own version of the Tree of Life", I instructed them. I joined in the project.

The resulting Tree of Life was sold on the first day of my Cambridge Open Studio back in July 2011. I loveTree of Life oil painting mythical tree of life illustration sacred tree heaven and underworld the mythology and the folklore that surrounds trees. I wrote a list of titles for new tree paintings and never looked back. The intricate detail and decorative quality means my trees are far from realistic even though many were based upon some of the trees I saw in Cambridge.

My trees have been exhibited at Williams Art, Rheebridge, Samovar Tea House, Cambridge Open Studios and as a solo exhibition at Addenbrookes Hospital. TheTree of Knowledge is on permanant display at Hughes Hall Library after it was bought and then presented by a Life Fellow to the college.

Some of the trees have been made into limited edition giclee prints. I have also made mono prints of some trees which give an entirely different effect. 

Cambridge Paintings

I love Cambridge. The colleges, the parks with their wide open spaces, the people and of course the cows that live in the centre of our city.

It gives me endlass inspiration for my paintings.

The Parker Library

It was suggested that I visit the Parker Library at Corpus Christi by a visitor to my Open Studio. I cannot thank her enough. While I was on my visit, led by a Cambridge Tourist Guide, I asked the librarian if I could come along and draw from the iluuminated manuscripts. He suggested I applied to become a reader and within a week I was turning the pages of a facsimile of the Corpus Apocalyse. I was hooked and am now a regular visitor.

I take a sketch book and copy some of my favourite illuminations. Bliss! I have started to turn them into paintings and hope one day to have an exhibition and perhaps my very own Illuminated Manuscript.

My Events

Chesterton Winter Open Studios opens 28 & 29 November
Repeats every day 2 times.
28 Nov 2015 -
10:00 to 17:00
Maureen Mace, Diana Kazemi and Tess Ainley will be having an open studio at the Old Dovecote, 5 Church Street, CB4 1DT. Look for a unique gift and cards at this lovely studio. Mince pies and mulled wine
Chesterton Winter Open Studios opens 28 & 29 November
Etsy Cambridge Christmas Fair
3 Dec 2015 -
14:30 to 20:00
Meet Cambridge Open Studios artists Maureen Mace and Dittany Rose at the Etsy Christmas Fair
Etsy Cambridge Christmas Fair
Cambridge Etsy Christmas Fair
Repeats every day 2 times.
4 Dec 2015 -
10:00 to 18:30
Meet Cambridge Open Studio artists Maureen Mace and Dittany Rose at the Cambridge Etsy Christmas Fair.
Cambridge Etsy Christmas Fair
Four Ladies Wot Paint
21 Jan 2016 -
19:15 to 20:30
A fun evening's talk by four local artists; Maureen Mace, Sarah Carter, Conni Johnson and Carmen Renwick, about their inspirations, artworks and creativity in all its forms.
Four Ladies Wot Paint
14 Apr 2016 -
19:00 to 22:00
Running with Brushes
Winter Open Studio, Chesterton
Repeats every day 1 times. Also includes Sun Nov 27 2016.
26 Nov 2016 -
10:00 to 17:00
Enjoy our Open Studio. Mulled wine, fairy lights and art
Winter Open Studio, Chesterton
The Mo Show
Repeats every day until Mon Jun 12 2017.
10 Jun 2017 -
10:00 to 17:00
The Mo Show at Haddenham Gallery Festival
The Mo Show
Winter Open Studio, Chesterton
Repeats every day until Sun Nov 26 2017.
25 Nov 2017 -
10:45 to 17:45
Winter Open Studio in Chesterton
Winter Open Studio, Chesterton

July Open Studios

Cambridge Open Studios 2018
Cambridge Open Studios 2018


Winter Open Studio, Chesterton
Maureen Mace, Carmen Renwick and Diane Kazemi will be exhibiting their work at the Dovecote, 5 Church Street, Cambridge CB4 1DT. Open 10am to 5pm, Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 November.
Winter Open Studio, Chesterton
Chesterton Winter Open Studios opens 28 & 29 November
Maureen Mace, Diana Kazemi and Tess Ainley will be exhibiting their work at 5 Church Street, CB4 1DT
Chesterton Winter Open Studios opens 28 & 29 November

painting and printmaking
Colourful, intricate, dreamlike paintings of trees, people and Cambridge: many include gold and silver leaf. Inspired by Medieval Art and Mythology.
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I shall be opening my studio on July 8 & 9, July 15 & 16 and July 22 & 23 from 11am to 6pm. I am open at other times by appointment.


medieval manuscripts illuminations Parker Library Corpus Christi cambridge university elephant lost crusaders

My paintings are about colour, detail and ideas. They are magical and surreal. 

I start with an idea, a flash that comes out of the blue, in a dream, as a thought or sparked by an image. I play with the idea in my imagination until I start the first sketches invariably accompanied by words and lists. I leave the idea to grow and ripen. Later, maybe a few days, a week, several months, I play with the ideas again refining, changing, thinking, scribbling.

When I am certain I want to paint an image I apply several layers of gesso onto a finely woven linen canvas. I sketch in the main shapes of the background and start painting. I build a painting from the background up and as I paint the original image in my head yet again changes and evolves. The copper or silver leaf is added over the background and dried before I start the intricate detail. This is the part I love. Listening to the wonderful dramas on the radio 4 iplayer I slowly cover the foreground in layer upon layer of tiny intricate details using small sable brushes and oil paint mixed to a buttery consistancy. It is hours of work.

The resulting oil paintings are very decorative. Set against a night sky, often with a glowing moon, they are inspired by Medieval Art, tapestries and Indian miniatures which gives them their richness and allows me to add gold, copper or silver leaf.


I have recently become a reader at the Parker Library at Corpus Cristi in Cambridge. This has many medieval books with the most amazing illuminations. I have been drawing from these fabulous books and they are information the progression in my art. 


I give tuition for all kind of media in my studio. To see samples of the work produced by my students or for more information visit:

Sixteen of the oldest college buildings of Cambridge University. Surreal Cambridge painting with the River Cam