Anna Bristow
ink and watercolour painting.
Watercolour landscapes and still life paintings on linen, silk and handmade paper, inspired by oriental classical art and haiku poems and calligraphy
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I was born and educated in Mantova, northern Italy. Although I have enjoyed drawing since my twenties, it was only after years of academic teaching that I was able to fully devote my time to the study of classical oriental philosophy and art, particularly watercolour painting and calligraphy with teaching and guidance from Peter Cavaciuti. I paint still life, landscapes and animals. I am particularly interested in looking at the ways in which the natural world, as I experience it, can be rendered into its essential lines and forms expressing movement and mood. Inspired by classical oriental art I also like to explore ideas of balance, contrast and energy and the effects of empty spaces in my compositions;  recently I have also found inspiration in the power and beauty of classical haiku poems some of which I illustrate.I also illustrate my own haiku poems rendered in Japanese calligraphic idioms. I use Chinese and Japanese inks on hand made paper, linen and silk.  I have exhibited my work in Cambridge at a number of venues and carry out work on commission.