Caroline Smith
jewellery, glass, beads
Contemporary glass jewellery and beads. Glass decorations and mobiles. Garden studio in Foxton village.
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Studio Thirteen

I live in the historic village of Foxton, near Cambridge where I enjoy a lovely space of my own, in my garden studio. More than just an artists sanctuary it serves as a well of inspiration and shop window for my work, it is in here that I make all my glass beads.

The beads I make are hollow, which makes them lightweight,wonderfully translucent and ideal for bespoke pieces of contemporary jewellery. While they might look rather delicate, careful kiln annealing gives them strength and durability. Many of my glass decorations and mobiles combine flotsam and jetsam collected from the beautiful beaches of Cornwall, Isles of Scilly and the Channel Islands where I draw inspiration from the turquoise summer waters.Each bead is individually created and finished in either a high gloss or given an etched finish capturing a lovely sea glass quality.   


Tresco Turquoise