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Artist Open Houses, Brighton
Repeats every day 4 times. Also includes Mon May 29 2017.
6 May 2017 -
11:00 to 18:00
I am exhibiting several works in the garden and house along with a great collection of other artists. Each weekend in May from 11 until 6pm and also bank holiday Monday 29th
Artist Open Houses, Brighton
Kinetic sculptures made to move in the slightest breeze
Kinetic sculptures made to move in the slightest breeze.
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This image shows "Trio": three white enamelled tubes mounted on a black shed. They are balanced and pivoted to move over each other in the slightest breeze.  Here is a link to a video:

Exploring how the wind interacts with a solid world, gusting or eddying around the objects it encounters, is endlessly fascinating. Rather than create innately fluid structures descriptive of the wind's movement, I am drawn to the contrast of straight lines and simple geometries of manmade things. These are then balanced and pivoted so that they can move easily in the breeze, sometimes expressing order and sometimes chaos.

Have a look at the videos on my web site, , where you will also find some more figurative work.