Elizabeth Blake-Palmer
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Norfolk 2016

Norfolk is a county I visit frequently and I enjoy its painterliness.  In particular, the little village of Blakeney which I think is one of the most picturesque seaside places in England - no matter what the weather!

The River Cam

I think the River Cam is a great subject to paint and don't imagine I will ever tire of it.

New Zealand summer

I enjoy painting New Zealand subjects particularly if reminding me of the beautiful, hot, settled, summers I know so well.  Typically my NZ pictures feature beach scenes or my friends' gardens.

I have had a lifelong interest in painting and drawing - in particular, in exploring different subjects, media and techniques.
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As a New Zealander living here permanently, the beauty and seasonal variations of British and European landscapes never fail to enthral me.  
I am a figurative painter and enjoy depicting found subjects in natural settings and occasionally, portraiture, still life, life-drawing and illustration.  I use a variety of media - wet - particularly oils, acrylics and gouache and dry, including charcoal, ink and pastels.  I enjoy experimenting with water colour, mixed media and recently, developing skills in using my iPad for sketching.

I belong to the Well Oiled Painting Group here in Cambridge.