Jill Ogilvy
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Still-Life Paintings

    July Open Studios

    Cambridge Open Studios 2021
    Cambridge Open Studios 2021
    painting, printmaking, mixed media
    Contemporary mixed-media, oil paintings, encaustic collages and hand-pulled prints depicting still-life compositions and landscapes.

    Ideas of memory and relationship are explored in mixed-media paintings, collage and the ancient process of encaustic. Collaged papers, prints and fabrics are combined to describe favourite objects. Encapsulated between multiple encaustic layers, the smooth wax finish presents a lustrous sheen on the surface, a protective 'skin' to the outside world. Colourful oil, mixed-media paintings and prints explore the relationship of shapes and objects or record memories of land and sea, distilled through time, evoking the sense of place.

    ..."Jill’s paintings succeed because they are about much more than process.... Her use of colour, pattern and different materials is confident, bold and somehow personal too.  ....Each work feels special and distinct."    Andrew Nairne, Director, Kettle's Yard Cambridge