Jill Ogilvy
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Still-Life Paintings

    July Open Studios

    Cambridge Open Studios 2021
    Cambridge Open Studios 2021
    painting, printmaking, mixed media
    Contemporary mixed-media, oil paintings, encaustic collages and hand-pulled prints depicting still-life compositions and landscapes.
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    Colourful oil, mixed-media paintings and prints explore the relationship of shapes and objects or record memories of land and sea, distilled through time, evoking a sense of place.

    My still-life imagery is very personal; I work from the ceramic jugs, bottles, containers and small collectibles gathered over the years, and which hold a personal connection. I need some connection to my subject matter in order to claim it in a painting. The domestic still-life compositions and table arrangements are an exploration of shape, colour, value and texture within the square or rectangle of the picture frame. The more complex the composition, the more I enjoy the challenge of working out the design, so that it draws the eye in and around the objects. These may be contained within the frame or cropped, giving the overall image an intimate feel, as if the viewer has just zoomed in to focus on one area of a larger composition. I sometimes use acrylic as a first layer of paint, building up further layers in oil, sometimes sanding areas back and then re-applying the paint to build up the texture. I also like to draw into the paint whilst still wet, to make marks or a pattern, to add areas of interest.

    Ideas of memory and relationship are explored in mixed-media paintings, collage and the ancient process of encaustic. Collaged papers, prints and fabrics are combined to describe favourite objects. Encapsulated between multiple encaustic layers, the smooth wax finish presents a lustrous sheen on the surface, a protective 'skin' to the outside world.

    ..."Jill’s paintings succeed because they are about much more than process.... Her use of colour, pattern and different materials is confident, bold and somehow personal too.  ....Each work feels special and distinct."    Andrew Nairne, Director, Kettle's Yard Cambridge